Back To Work: How To Return To The Normal Life Again?

Every element of daily life is still in flux, but soon they will be in there place. You are in the last weeks of lockdown though everything is going back to normal, it is still challenging. After working from home for a long time, the perspective of going back to work is just to burdening and exhausting. Most of you have become so used to working from home that just the thought of going back to the office is haunting you.

Others are pretty happy to have something to do other than staying all day at home and doing nothing. We all had the idea that sooner or later, this was all going to happen. The good thing about this that the lives finally move on. You will have the opportunity of flaunting your beautiful dresses, such as John Dutton Jackets (results of all online shopping).

It’s human nature that they become habituated to a situation and then take a long time to come back from that situation. At the first level of isolation, you all must be so devastated, not meeting new friends, and a big break from daily routine must have seemed like the biggest change. Though, on reaching level two, everyone has started loving the couch and zoom meetings.

Now, life has reached a place where stepping out initiate with fears, including the fear of getting in touch with contagious diseases and all. With craving hugs to being comfortable in not being touched, life has moved on. Well, now it’s all coming to an end, hindrances are uplifting, events are setting up, and the economy is rising.

Having social anxiety is normal — everyone is there. It is tough to go back to everyday life, but here is some advice for you to easily start this new chapter and make it easier for others. These points will help you in mingling along with others easily.


Pessimism isn’t going to get you anywhere but to the severe anxiety. Be the most optimistic person in the room. Be the happiest person in the room. Having a negative solution to everything messes up your mind. Spread positivity and joy… as there was already so much negativity in this isolated period.

Don’t let your mind think about negative things. Never think about things in a glass-half-empty way; instead, always consider situations in a glass-half-full way. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you can control your life if you have your mind in control. Life will get tougher than this, but this doesn’t mean you have to freak out every time.

The toughness of life makes you a stronger person than you are right now. Just stay chill, “this is the end, or this is going to be fatal” — these thoughts aren’t going to help you feel positive. Create a better imagination and flip the situation. Think positive thoughts like, “this is a new good start. I am finally going to meet everyone again, etc.…” and you’ll be fine.


The routine is new to you — you are going back after a half-year, and it will be a little tiring than it was. Though you will adjust sooner, in the meantime, try not to think about yourself as a failure as you had a big routine change, and it is going to be resilient to turn back to this routine.

Start doing the same tasks you used to do before all this pandemic. Set alarms and eat at the same time as before. Gradually things will be in their respective places. Rome wasn’t built in a day; give time, and your life will be back to normal.


This pandemic has become a curse for many people’s mental health. Everyone has different kinds of issues — except for ones with a pleasant environment and supporting families. You might have developed certain fears, and now is the time to fight those fears.

Fight your social anxiety by meeting your old friends; you’ll find it comforting, and your mind will divert. Meet your relatives (supporting ones), and go for a picnic with them. Lean against the fear of using public things, go to a restaurant, and order something.

Use public transport (but with precautions), more than half of people have developed corona phobia, and we all have to fight it. Make public contacts but keep yourself socially distant from people. Don’t just stick to black to show that you are in a darker place.

Experiment with colors like wear Oliver Tree Jacket in any brunch meeting and slay with colors. Remember, these things are going to help you in returning to normal. Always remember to sanitize and avoid many crowded places. Stay Healthy!