Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud Web Hosting

There are advantages and disadvantages of everything of everything online and one of it is cloud hosting for businesses. Below here are mentioned some  advantages and disadvantages of cloud web hosting to help you decide whether cloud web hosting is right for you or not. Cloud computing or cloud hosting in simple terms means storing an accessing your computer data on the internet as per your demand – instead of running it on your personal computer. While using Gmail or Google doc, you will not be able to realise but you are already using cloud computing.


Benefits for Business

There are many advantages of cloud web hosting for business web sites. With this technique, you have an access to your web data and other business computing software running online, instead of doing it on your computer or anywhere where Internet connection is available. Another benefit is the fixed expenses draw to cloud computing. Through cloud web hosting, the program is upgraded online and handled by the provider, thus businesses don’t need to purchase the recent versions of software apps to upgrade it.

Advantages of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting helps in saving costs, and comparative to co-locations can function as high as 53%. Only a good business can make use of cloud hosting and any argument on the expense front is great. In this cut throat economy, cost savings is a big plus point

Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Though cloud hosting is highly profitable work for service providers, yet it leads to expensive monthly fees if the code of the site is not written properly. Thus, one should optimize his code to save money.

Carbon Neutral Hosting

Another disadvantage of clod web hosting is that most of the cloud hosting providers is eco-friendly. This means that they do not make use of renewable energy for powering of their data centres. Consumers nowadays prefer to go for environmental friendly choices even in web hosting service providers. So, many of the websites are transferring their sites to green web hosting providers. With the rise in demand for cloud, there is an increasing rise in the demand of energy. For the online content to be delivered to the online users in real-time, your pictures, videos, and data must be stored at a place where it can be available for instant access. This place is data centre which emits a great amount of carbon. Thus, webmasters go for an eco-friendly web hosting other than cloud hosting.

Eco Friendly web hosting

The air is getting polluted. Clean drinking water is getting scarce day by day. Thus, it is important to go for a web hosting company that has concern for environment in the present as well future time – Green technology web hosting.

Things to see in a web hosting provider

  1. Renewable sources of energy
  2. Ratings of the energy star for efficient servers
  3. Disposable of outdate technology
  4. Ethical value to use the least quantity of energy while producing the best quality of service

The future of web hosting industry and its services lies in green hosting services.