Best free portal for CBSE class11 online classes-Vidyasetu

Vidya Setu is the authentic site that provides online classes for the CBSE classes 11th and 12th. It provides extensive online classes for easy understanding of the key concepts. The Free web portal has the aim to impart quality education and knowledge to all the students of classes 11th and 12th. Students are willing to take the CBSE class 11 online classes as this is a tough class to crack and clear. The syllabus of class 11th is vast and requires a strategic study plan. Today it is the keen desire of every student to score decent marks in their board exams. To achieve this goal online classes act as a support system to all the aspiring candidates.

Online Classes Available at VidyaSetu free Portal

Class 11th and 12

For Commerce Subjects:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physical Education

For Science Subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • English

For Arts Subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science.
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit

What Will You Find At Free Portal:

Vidya Setu provides the following things: –

  • Syllabus – The entire syllabus is covered by the Vidya Setu. The complete curriculum is illustrated so well. The vast syllabus of class 11th and 12th are covered so nicely by the Vidya Setu in their lectures.
  • Sample Papers- A set of sample papers are provided to the students to practice by Vidya Setu. A rough idea about the board paper is provided by these sample papers. If students practice these sample papers then it becomes very easy for them to crack the main board exam paper.
  • Notes– Vidya Setu provides useful notes to the students on their site. Notes which summarizes the whole topic are easy to remember by the students.
  • Ncert Solutions- Vidya Setu provides the best ncert solutions. All the questions of the NCERT books are solved and explained well. Candidates must thoroughly go through the ncert books as most of the questions come from it in the main examination.
  • Books Guides-Vidya Setu provides the best book guides to the students.
  • YouTube Videos And Recorded videos- Vidya Setu provides the best youtube and recorded videos related to the curriculum. The videos are in HD quality and they very well illustrate a particular topic.CBSE class 11 online classes prove to be highly beneficial to the students.
  • Previous Year Question Paper- Vidya Setu provides the previous year’s question papers. These papers prove much helpful to the students as they give a brief idea about the board question paper pattern. By consistently solving the last year’s question papers students can develop confidence within themselves

Features of VidyaSetu

The main features of Vidya Setu are as follows: –

  • Free of Cost– Vidya Setu provides completely free video lectures. To witness the video lectures no fees are charged. This privilege is given by keeping in mind the needs and concerns of the middle-class students.
  • Updated and Latest Study Material– Vidya Setu provides updated and latest study material to all its students. The study material imparted here is prepared after doing a lot of research.
  • Best Faculty-At Vidya Setu the online lectures are delivered by the best faculty. The best teachers from India impart lectures at Vidya Setu. Teachers are one of the crucial parts of any institution.
  • In-depth information- At Vidya Setu, the in-depth information is provided. Every topic is taught in much detail and explained accordingly. Minute details related to the topic are also provided by Vidya Setu.
  • Tips and Tricks- Vidya Setu also provides important tips and tricks to the students. These short tricks help students a lot in remembering important formulas and topics. Lengthy subpoints can be easily remembered by using smart tips and techniques.

Reviews of Best Free Portal for CBSE 11th online Class- vidyasetu

Vidya Setu has the best reviews and ratings on google. The reviews state that Vidya Setu is an outstanding source of learning for the students. Students can acquire appropriate knowledge through this platform. On google Vidya Setu holds a 5-star rating and the overall reviews are also nice. There is positive feedback given for the site by the majority of the public.


Vidyasetu Learning is more than free Portal

The main objective of VidyaSetu is to impart quality video lectures of CBSE class 11th and 12th to the aspiring students free of cost. It wants to make the learning process much simpler and easier for the young dynamic students. Clear conceptual knowledge on difficult topics is provided by Vidya Setu. It mainly has the vision to make the entire syllabus easy for the students.