Best water purifiers under 15,000

Everyone wants to stay healthy and safe all the time whether it is all about water and food. To bring your dreams related to health and safety into the real world. If you are looking for the best water purifier under 15,000 for your office and home then this is the right place for you. All the water purifiers on this list are priced between 10k to 15k and are from Brands like AO Smith, Kent, Livpure, Bluestar, Pureit. All these water purifiers have hundreds of great customer reviews because of their performances and condition. Of course, everyone knows that bacteria, viruses, and diseases are present on the planet everywhere.

The main thing is that you need to provide a checklist for those things which you consume in your daily life. When it comes to water, you also need to be very cautious and specific. In the market, there are many water purifiers are available, but each brand doesn’t arrange a better service as well as correct customer support.


Before selecting a water purifier, you need to look at the purification stages, design, specifications, purification technology, and other stuff.

3 best water purifiers under 15,000

[1] Kent Grand

The Kent Grand is the best water purifier under 15,000 Rs is our first pick for you. The most loyal and biggest-selling RO purifier with a transparent design that shows off patented Mineral RO technology and inbuilt TDS controller. The Kent grand water purifier comes with multistage purification technology like RO+UV+UF that removes microorganisms, dissolved impurities such as viruses, bacteria, and salts to make water pure for drinking. The water purifier comes with technologically advanced purification technology that filters out the water from all the experts and it purifier brackish, tap, and municipal corporation water simply. The Kent grand water purifier has a computer-controlled alarm that alerts you and shows you about filter replacement time and when a UV fails. It has 8L of water storage, but it purified up to 15L of water within an hour. The Kent grand water purifier comes with 1 year of warranty and 3 years of no service charges guarantee. You will get the free installation kit to install the purifier at your office and home.

  • Specifications

Plastic body

15L purification an Hr

8L of water storage


[2] Havells Max

The Havells max is another Best water purifier under 15,000 Rs. Its different design is kind of its kidlets you to mount in a corner. Featuring a solid design, it comes in a vibrant white and Sky blue dual-tone color combination with a transparent water tank. Revitalizer restructures water molecules for recovery alkalinity, hydration, and mineral absorption mineral technology to ensure PH balanced and safe and healthier water. The Havells max water purifier comes with an alarm system that instructs you about the pump failure, purification process, low water pressure, tank full notification, self-diagnostic, and error alert. The Havells max water purifier comes with 1 year of free service warranty and you will also get the installation kit with installation service.

  • Specifications

            Cover protection

7L of water capacity

15l purification an hr

[3] Blue star Majesto

This Majesto RO+UV water purifier comes from the blue star brand that maintains your class in pure water who comes from 6 stages of filtration system that keep you fit and healthy. Its super-fine sediment filter removes even the tiny compounds such as sand and dust from water. A water purifier can clean up to 285L of water in a day. The Majesto RO+UV water purifier comes with double layered RO+UV protection to remove dissolved heavy metals, microorganisms, impurities, and radioactive matter from water. The UV protection technology deactivates micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and cysts. The water purifier comes with 6 stages of a water purification process including a pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, a pre-sediment filter, and a post-carbon filter with an aqua taste booster to ensure that the water you drink is completely safe and pure. The water purifier comes with 8l of water capacity who can purify up to 285L of water in a day.

  • Specifications

285L of water in a day

RO+UV purification

Double Layered protection

8L of water storage