What Make Bathroom Design More Stylish

Bathrooms are one of the most individual spaces in your home. They’re about relaxation, well-being, and peace of mind — not just for you but for everyone who uses them. So it makes sense that a bathroom design is one of the most popular home renovation projects.

Tons of decorating blogs have covered bathroom design, so instead of rehashing all that, we thought we’d share some bathroom ideas that are worth copying. Here are some exciting tips to get your decoration gears going. Perhaps you’ll get an idea or two for your own home or bathroom design.

1.      Glass Subway Tile in Bathroom

This bathroom uses glass subway tile to show off the pretty green plants that line the window sills top. The tray has been set up as a shelf and holds a candle, soap and other bathroom essentials like cotton balls and Q-tips which are no longer in their original packaging. The plant leaves peek out from underneath the glass tiles, making this bathroom look fresh and inviting.

2.      Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can also play a vital role in your small ideal bathroom. Sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms because they allow more space and access than swing doors. Nevertheless, if you have restricted space, you may want to consider using frosted or translucent glass on your doors instead of allowing more light to enter the room.

4.      Vintage-Inspired Shower Curtain

This vintage-inspired shower curtain has been painted with stripes using only three colours: blue, white and pink. The black paint used on the window frame and door adds an element of sophistication to this otherwise playful bathroom design idea.

5.      Flaunt Neutral Colours

Pretty much any room can aid from a neutral paint job. It’s true in this case too! By painting your bathroom walls tan or light grey, or another neutral colour like white or pale yellow, you create an illusion of space by minimizing visual clutter on the wall surface and can give a new look to your bathroom design. This creates a larger look for the bathroom.

5.      A glass shower screen

A glass screen is a perfect way to use a small space as it gives the illusion of space. It also means you can enjoy your shower in private, so nobody will be able to see what’s going on!

6.      Maximise storage space

It’s tempting to cram everything into your bathroom, but this will only create clutter and mess for bathroom design. Instead, make the most of a tiny space by choosing accessories that deliver clever storage solutions, such as drawers and cupboards or built-in units with shelves. Think about where you store things each day and keep them in their designated area.

7.      LaylaSperry via Houzz

This rustic bathroom features an exposed brick wall and a built-in shelf for storage. The stone floor adds a natural touch, while the dark vanity and mirror make the room feel masculine. 

8.      Add Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders, bathroom mirrors and other bathroom hardware can be as helpful in making a bathroom look great as they are for their intended purposes. A well-designed and placed toilet paper holder can make a dramatic statement. The right mirror can assemble a small bathroom seem more significant. A sink with an elegant design and clean lines can transform your classic bathroom into a luxury bathroom design.


In terms of bathroom furniture and fittings, think about how much storage space you have available. Your space might give a more way to store smaller items such as toilet rolls or towels – make sure there is enough storage and they also look elegant while you redesign your bathroom.

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