How To Treat Broken Braces At Home

For a moment, imagine having your braces broken. Yes, that dreadful feeling. We understand how that can feel. There is good news— you don’t need to burden yourself with worries when this happens because you can easily fix this.

With the many Invisalign offers Near Me, it would be wise to make the best use of your braces and avoid them from getting broken. In this post, you will find tips to assist you in resolving the issues that arise when your braces break.

  • Rubbing sensation from your aligners

Sometimes, your Invisalign aligners or removable retainers can be rubbing your gums, generating discomfort. You can resolve this yourself by making use of a small emery board to smooth over areas that are distressing. This should be done carefully to prevent removing excess amounts of the aligner. Ensure it is held firmly to prevent it from snapping.

  • When The Invisalign aligner is split

When you notice a slight split in your Invisalign aligner, you don’t have to panic. It can still be worn in the meantime; you only need to ensure it is taken in and out gently. You will have no problem moving on to your next aligner. However, a replacement will be necessary in the long-term. Please contact us to book an appointment for the replacement.

  • Detached bracket from the tooth

Having a bracket become loose is not a major problem. We will need to have it reaffixed. In the interim, you can use some dental wax to anchor it. Simply mould a pea-sized portion of dental wax into a ball and gently apply it over the bracket and wire to keep everything intact.

You can reduce the chances of ending up with a detached bracket by abstaining from hard, sticky or crunchy meals.

  • Your aligners just got snapped in two

You don’t need to worry too much if your Invisalign aligner snaps in half because both parts can still be worn. However, if you notice that the size of one portion is small enough to be swallowed, you should wear the bigger-sized piece. You can also choose to use your next set of aligners at the usual time.

If you also experience a half-split of your removable retainer, which is a rare event, you can carry out the same process above and reach out to us to book a replacement.

  • Your braces has an outward poking wire

Having your archwire poking the inner walls of your cheeks can be very discomforting. To resolve this, simply mould a soft piece of wax into a ball and put it at the end of the wire. You can also snip off the terminal end using a nail clipper or scissors if it is a thin wire.

  • A broken fixed retainer

In the event of a broken fixed retainer, your removable retainers will have to be worn as a substitute more often pending the time your fixed retainer is mended.

If you observe any sharp area, you could protect your tongue with dental wax. Mould a piece of wax into a small ball and apply it onto the breakage. If this doesn’t work, you can as well keep wearing your removable retainers permanently so that you don’t experience any further distress.

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