5 Essential Tips to Find The Best Discount Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re planning to undertake a kitchen renovation project, getting inexpensive cabinets can help you greatly to keep the cost down. In most cases, people used to use their cabinets for at least 15 to 20 years if not more. Therefore, making the right buying decision is important.

Tips to find kitchen cabinets on a budget

There are many ways to keep the budget of your kitchen remodeling low. And some of them are discussed here.

  1. Value for money – The best yet most reasonably priced cabinets start from about $30/linear foot. These cabinets don’t have many features. It would be wise to go for standard sizes such as 24 inches or 30 inches wide ones. If you opt for a custom option, you may need to pay much more as these options need more work. Pull-out drawers and shelves, for example, can cost you more. If you want discount cabinets, you have to limit your expectations. Be informed that there is hardly any big difference in terms of value between $30 and $100/linear foot. Besides, if you want to store heavy appliances or tools, it is recommended to choose thicker panels of plywood instead of a thinner frame. Nevertheless, the budget would be a bit increased.


  1. Choose inexpensive cabinets – Solid hardwood kitchen cabinets range from $300 to $350/linear foot. On the other hand, the cheapest cabinets would cost you around $30 to $150/linear foot. The latter comes with a plywood frame featured with the MDF door. It would be good if you choose a product with ¾ inches thick panels and proper screws so they last longer. If you want to make it yourself, extra nails may work.


  1. Buy what you need – You can save a lot by buying exactly what you require. Manufacturers fix the price based on the unit. Wider units usually have a lower price per linear foot. Choosing two 36 inches wide base models would cost you less than three 24 inches models. You may want to fill the entire space with beautiful cabinets. Don’t get tempted. You will have to pay for every unit. To avoid buying extra units, thin out kitchen appliances, and tools that you don’t use anymore. Discount kitchen cabinets might fit your need.


  1. RTA could be a good option – You can save significantly on the labor cost by opting for ready-to-assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets. You might not find plenty of options, but you can save a lot on shipping charges.


  1. Look for used cabinets – If you’re on a strict budget, opting for local used cabinets can be a viable option for you. Solid wood cabinets like cherry kitchen cabinets last for years. There might be people in your locality who want to sell their old solid wood cabinets. It usually costs $15 to $30/linear foot to remove cabinets. To avoid this redundant cost, many homeowners simply give their old kitchen furniture away for free if someone gets them out of their house. If you come to know about any of such opportunities, give it a try.

Finding the right kitchen cabinet on a budget is not a big deal. All you need to be a bit informed about the right ways.