The Five-Step DIY to Clean the Marble Tiles in Your Cypress Home

Marble is one of the most amazing things in life – no, we’re not joking.

Not only is it amazing, but it’s also one of this world’s natural wonders, and it’s created when limestone breaks down and recrystallizes under intense heat and pressure. No wonder some types of marbles can be extremely expensive!

This is also why you shouldn’t fiddle with more acidic or stronger cleaning agents when you’re trying to do a home remedy marble cleaner. Not only can it be bad for your marble floors, but they can seriously be discolored if you use the wrong cleanser.

Here at Bizaillion Floors, we’ve had years of experience when it comes to cleaning marble floors and floors in general.

So while it’s best to hire a professional cleaning service like us, we know that there are things that you should keep in mind like budget and time, and this is why most homeowners tend to clean their marble floors themselves.

So to avoid any kind of damage, we’re giving you a five-step DIY to clean the marble tiles in your Cypress home:

  1. You have to prep your floors by cleaning your marble surface using daily cleaning methods you use to clean your homes regularly.
  2. Initially, you have to use a wet mop with a bucket of plain tap water to clean any of the remaining dirt from your floors. This is a pivotal step, and you shouldn’t skip this before adding in your cleaning agent.
  3. To ensure the cleanliness of your floors, it’s best to use a solution of ½ cup of ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water. This is to ensure that your marble tiles stay polished and disinfected at the same time. Then don’t forget to mop well using this homemade cleaning agent.
  4. Then rinse the area you cleaned thoroughly using warm water to neutralize the pH level and ensure that all cleaning agents are removed.
  5. Lastly use a soft towel to dry your floors to prevent any kind of water stains or residue.

It’s pretty easy to clean the marble tiles in your Cypress home, but it’s still best to hire a professional team to do this job for you every once in a while. So this is why we offer our Marble Tile Cleaning Services to our clients in Houston, Cypress, and their neighboring cities in Texas.

So what are you waiting for?

Call us today at Bizaillion Floors to know more about the cleaning services that we offer!