Importance of Home Surveys in Kent

If you are looking forward to buy a home, you need to understand the condition of the house before you decide to purchase it- which is where home surveyors Kent come into action. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors constantly makes amendments in the HomeBuyer Report. They offer two options: The HomeBuyer Report survey and The HomeBuyer Report survey and valuation.

The second option provides you the chance to request a valuation which an open-market valuation. It can be used for probate conditions. Sometimes they may or may not charge more for this additional valuation. It includes the condition report, along with suggested maintenance and repairs as well as market valuation and insurance build prices.

The first option involves the major specs of the RICs condition report which emphasizes on the condition of the property along with the guidance to the legal advisers as well as mentioning any major defects, if present. There are also suggestions on how to repair the defects and casual advice about the maintenance required.

Sometimes, a survey level three may be needed. It is mandatory for larger and older buildings. In this survey, a full-fledged and in-depth inspection of the condition of the property is done along with suggestions on defects and repairs.

The benefits of surveys to home buyers was then showcased in the recent research where the company found out that buyers successfully use the findings of house surveys to bargain the price they will be paying for the house.

2/3rd of the buyers make use of the problems mentioned by the surveyors as a part of their negotiation idea. In several cases, buyers were able to strike the deal at a lower price from the seller or at least force them to fix the issue before signing the contract.

However, the major reason to carry out a house survey is to provide the buyer a proper peace of mind before they invest in something so huge. Buying a house is a great investment for a lot of people hence they want to know about potential issues beforehand. Even if the survey doesn’t predicts any big or small issue, it will still provide clarity to the buyer to move ahead with the deal.

There are three types of house survey:

  • Condition report
  • HomeBuyer’s report
  • Building survey

If you are buying a new build house, then you need a snagging survey. It finds out about cosmetic and structural issues in the house which needs to be fixed. The buyer can ask the developer to get it fixed before they move in.

The HomeBuyer’s survey is recommended for almost all properties. It is a common survey and is regarded as a lighter inspection

You can also go for Full Building Survey which is a more comprehensive survey and is ideal for big properties or those built before 1900.

So, if you are looking forward to get a good peace of mind and prevent problems from appearing after you have bought the house, then you should get the property surveyed before purchasing it by Consult Construct. Get proper reports about the building and then proceed with your purchase.