The Pros of Swimming Pool Covers

Only 10% of the pools around us have covers. And, the only objection which the owners give is that they do not like the look of it or they do not have the right space on their pool deck to settle the rollers. However, it is important to analyse the kinds of cover your pool needs and then go for it. There are a lot of benefits that swimming pool covers have. Some of them are mentioned below:

Temperature increase:

There is seen around 4 degree of temperature rise in pools without covers. Thus, pool covers help in saving a lot of money and energy needed to maintain the temperature of the pool through gas or electric heaters.

Lower usage of chlorine:

Chlorine sanitizes the pool but it degrades with the ultraviolet lights. The cover lowers down the risk of UV rays hitting the water. For those who have salt water pool, it means the chlorinator will use lower energy and thus liquid chlorine will be less used. It will save your chlorine refilling time and cost.

Lower evaporation

Water evaporation will very low. A floating cover lowers down the chances of water evaporation when the pool is not being used. It the water level falls below the skimmers height, the pumps will suck on air and get damaged. But, pool covers prevent evaporation and avoid such a situation from happening. This also lowers down the chances of frequent water filling and thus leads to lower water loss.

Lower leaf load

Leafs from the surrounding fall in the water of the pool without cover. Sometimes they cannot be swept by a leaf blower. You can these prevent problems with your pool cover. Less leaved in the pool means you do need cleaning services lesser. It also means lower organic matter in the water which calls for lower consumption of chlorine. All in all, it helps in keeping your pool water cleaner and less usage of filters and pumps.

Lower possibilities of flow blockages:

As the top of the pool remains covered with pool cover, it causes lower flow blockages. If the top is not covered, and you do not regularly use skimmer basket, then it causes flow blockage. Flow blockage lower the efficacy of filter and chlorinator causing poor quality water and green pool issues. It results in more load on the pumps and often lead to equipment failure. With pool covers, the problem will never reach such critical stages.

Have a self-reliant pooling system

With lower evaporation, lesser chlorine usage, lower flow blockages, lesser debris and dirt on the pool and water level getting too low, your pool will need lesser supervision. It will you can have a healthy pool for a longer time period.

You can hire professional pool contractor to get the right pool cover for your pool. You can also go for diy pool fencing to get cover your pool on your own. It completely depends on your choice, preference and need. But, getting pool cover is very important.