Biggest Flowers In The World

Whether big or small, the presence of flowers makes the aura lively and colorful. Flowers in all sizes, shapes and colors are alluring to the sight.

They are used on various occasions to add a tinge of celebration and glee. Flowers like Jasmine, Lavender, Violets, Rose and Lily are even used to make perfumes due to their sweet fragrance.

Flowers are always imagined to be small, fragrant and pretty, but can one imagine them to be as smelly and big as a monster in one of the nightmares?

Yes, a lot of flowers in the world are very smelly and bigger than the ones we see in the gardens and parks near us. Some of them are discussed in detail below.

Rafflesia Arnoldii:

Rafflesia Arnoldii is the biggest flower in the world. These flowers are native to the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia and grow up to three feet in diameter.

The flowers are dubbed as ‘Corpse Flower’ due to their reek of a decaying fish. The flowers are rarely found as they are unisexual and successful pollination is a rare event. They were discovered by the French explorer, Ted Park.


Helianthus Annuus:

These flowers are ordinarily known as the common Sunflower and are capable of growing up to 12 feet high.

This species of sunflowers are used as bird food, as livestock forage and in some industrial applications.

Helianthus Annuus is more than two feet in diameter and incredibly simple to grow. The largest ever sunflower reached over 30 foot in height.


Corypha Umbraculifera:

Corypha Umbraculifera is also known as Talipot Palm and is a species of palm native to eastern and southern India, Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Although it looks more like a tree than a flower, the branched inflorescence qualifies the plant for this list.

The flower is capable of growing over 80ft in height. The plant only flowers once during its life, sometime between 30 and 80 years of age.


Amorphophallus Titanum:

These flowers are also included in the category of the world’s biggest flowers.

These flowers are capable of growing up to 10 feet high and are indigenous to the small island in western Indonesia, Sumatra.

These flowers are also very smelly and have an odor of a rotting animal thus, known as ‘carrion flower’.

The “fragrance” of the flower that resembles to rotting meat, attracts carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies that pollinate it.


Posidonia is a type of flowering grass that blooms in the Mediterranean and off the coast of Australia. The flower usually grows in clonal colonies and one such colony was discovered in the Mediterranean in 2006.

The colony is nearly five miles across and thought to be more than 100,000 years old.

There are several more varieties of flowers in different shapes, colors and sizes found in different parts of the world. Many of these flowers are now even available online. So, don’t while away any more time and send flowers to Delhi to your loved ones to show them that you love them and care for them.