Russian Model Turned Actress marks her Directorial Debut with The Serpent

Well, Russian actress, Gia Skova is has released her directorial debut, the Serpent. It is an action thriller movie where Skova has penned the script. The model plays the role of a CIA agent, Lucinda Kavsky who is also known as Serpent. She is a fearless, brave, smart CIA agent who wants to expose the government officials who plan her demise. As the movie unravels, she finds out about her team’s act of terrorism. The vigilante travels across the world to fight for freedom and human rights and in the end wins it for the innocent.

She is successful in locating every culprit with her wit and will and beautifully avenges each one of them and gets rid of them in her own way. Well, the movie is a happening action film. It is well-written and full of action, fun and exciting twists and turns. The stunts are heart pounding and what’s stupendous to know is that they are performed by Gia Skova on her own. The music is accordingly crafted and every scene has an impact on the viewers. If you are an action movie buff, then you will definitely love the suspense and thrillers.

The film is one of its own as it has female heroine performing as the lead character. It is a film recommended for people of all ages. It has a magnetic storyline which can be understood and felt no matter which part of the world you are in. This cult classic is something you can relate to. You will love the scenes where she is kicking ass on-screen. The actress has worked really hard acting, directing and producing the film. The movie also stars Tzi Ma (Arrival, 24), Travis Aaron Wade (Supernatural), Jason Scott Jenkins (American Horror Story), Craig Conway (Doomsday), Nigel Vonas (Arrow) Nathan J. Kress, Kelton Jones and Jason Burrill.

The actress has amazingly played the role of a secret CIA agent who is being manipulated by her own agency, forcing her to escape and head to China where she unravels the global conspiracy. It reveals the excellent strength, marvellous instincts, brilliant femininity and exceptional training of Serpent to fight her way out and establish a terrorism free world. Watch her struggle to bring justice and freedom to the innocent and her acts of bravery.

You are simply going to love this cult classic and experience your adrenaline in some of the breath-taking scenes. It is an exceptional movie for all action lovers, whether boy or girl. It has been released worldwide. Anyone who is in the age limit of 18-52 will love to be a part of this movie. Watch it with your friends and family for an overwhelming experience. Meet the Serpent this weekend on your television and enjoy an amazing movie. Book your weekend for it and you will never forget what you have seen.

It is the passionate effort of Skova and she does need an applaud for her stupendous efforts in all the sections she has worked on in the movie.


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