The Vibrant Restaurants To Make Your Day

What could be better than having the best food under the open sky? Rooftop restaurants are in trend nowadays. People love to go to the rooftop restaurant.

It looks elegant, classy and it gives you too chance to eat under several stars. If you are in Gurgaon and want to try some good rooftop restaurants then here is the list of some of theĀ best rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon.

  1. Imperfecto:

As the name says, this restaurant is perfect in its imperfection. This restaurant shows the beauty of imperfection and that too with a style. This restaurant has both inside and outside seating options. The restaurant is very nicely decorated variety of rugged colours and cute flower pots and lamps. And Rooftop seating look likes green lawn. The tables and chairs are lightened up with bulbs. Talking about the menu, the restaurant serves the best Mediterranean food. The Grilled Basa with Mustard Sauce and Roasted Chicken is the must try.

  1. Olive Bistro:

The aroma of this place is so quiet that if you want to spend some peaceful time in the cyber city this place is best for you. Decorated with cobbled stones, floral baskets, and tiled tabletops this place gives you the European vibe. This restaurant serves you the food for which you can crazy. You can come here and spend some quality time with your family, hang out with your friends, or you can come for a night date. The Hulk Pizza and Penne Lane Pasta are a must try.

  1. Striker Skybar:

This restaurant is located on the floor of the Cross Point mall. This restaurant is divine in two parts. One is the restaurant and the other is on the rooftop. This restaurant is probably nest for office gatherings only if the loud music and beer are allowed. The food at this place is very tasty. You must go to this place once in your life and you must try Goat Cheese Tangri, Double Fried Mushroom, and Ghost Chilli Chicken Tikka.

  1. Vibe- The Skybar:

This restaurant is located on the 10th floor of the Hilton Garden Inn. This is a rooftop bar. The restaurant is decorated with artificial grass and smooth wood-panelled floor. They even have a pool and Cuban seating style. This place is best on a windy day. The food which they serve is very luscious and lip-smacking. If you come here once you will want to come here always. They specialize in the different types of cocktails they make. Their cocktails are the must try and also you must have Blue Cheese Malai Tikka and Bubble-gum Cocktail. This place is best for fine-dining and date nights. You can also come here with your friends and families to spend some quality time.


So here are some of the rooftop restaurants in Gurgaon which you must try. They will give you both the best food and the best aroma. You will fall in love with all of them. If you want to try other places then there are severalĀ best rooftop restaurants in Noida also. You may try them too.