Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose make one of the best speakers and their newer model, Bose SoundLink Micro, is now affordable too. It produces a rich and loud sound, despite its portable size. It has microphone too and you can receive calls with it. Bose SoundLink Micro comes with a strap and can be clipped to bags and you can conveniently keep it anywhere. These speakers are great while traveling.

Being pocket sized and durable, they are a good choice indeed. One drawback that was noticed is that its battery life could have been better. Its competitors deliver similar quality sound in lesser price which you can avail with latest Snapdeal Coupons Online today. But is Bose worth buying this year? Let’s take a good look at Bose SoundLink Micro’s pros and cons.

Design –

Being tiny and still delivering a good quality sound, it is all set to delight the market. Bose SoundLink Micro are the company’s most affordable Bluetooth speakers and to make them pocket sized, no compromises were made with the sound and bass performance. The dimensions of the speaker are 1.5 inches X 3.75 inches. Its built quality is excellent. It contains a rubber strap that is flexible. The company claims that the speakers’ strap is tear resistant. You can easily clip these amazing tiny speakers to anything, be it your backpack or your vehicle.

The colors it will be available in are – bright orange, mid night blue and black. Bose SoundLink Micro portable speakers are totally waterproof, being IPX7 certified. They can be fully submerged in the water. Their weight is merely 290 grams and is too light, still surprisingly powerful. They have a speakerphone and you can make calls with it as well. They are truly designed beautifully.

There is a bass port on the underside of the speakers. This bass port is supposed to be placed on a flat surface for the best performance. Keep it on the handlebars of your bike and feel the thrill of good music. The speakers have a micro USB port for charging. There is a battery indicator adjacent to the micro USB port. There are volume buttons. Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker has one multi function button that will allow you to playback.

Connection –

The speaker, once connected via Bluetooth, maintains the connection. Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker will provide a rock solid connection and no trouble or lag will be experienced by its users. You are supposed to use the Bose connect mobile application. It can be linked wirelessly with other speakers by Bose.

Performance –

The most interesting and impressive part of Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker is its bass quality. It will deliver better quality bass and sound when compared to. Clip 2 by JBL and other portable speakers coming at the same or slightly lower cost. There was noticed that not all the time the quality stays up to the mark. There was observed inconsistency and some tracks sounded amazing while others seemed average. You can prefer larger speakers coming at almost the same price. But one thing is for sure, Bose SoundLink Micro are highly portable.

Battery Life –

The battery life is something that is disappointing here. These Bluetooth portable speakers by Bose will last for around six hours with one charge. It is an average result for such type of speakers. There are bigger speakers available at similar costs which can deliver good sound quality and better battery life. If you aren’t a brand conscious tech lover, you can prefer cheaper speakers. Bose is a name tech lovers admire and it is a renowned one when it comes to speakers. To explore some of best Bluetooth speaker with latest specification and best prices you can grab Amazon Coupons for Electronics items.

Conclusion –

The market price of the Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker is $100. If you want better sound quality, you can prefer buying larger speakers by Bose, like, SoundLink Mini 2. There are similar speakers available at almost the same cost that are larger than Bose SoundLink Micro, like JBL Flip 4. You can put some more money and raise your budget to get Bose SoundLink Color II. But if you want maximum portability, Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speakers are a very good choice. They deliver good quality music and bass despite being pocket sized with an average battery life, which is not that bad. Portability is their main feature and they will come with a durable and versatile strap too.