Brief Guide for Selecting and Purchasing Best Android Smartphone

The android smartphones are present day hot selling electronic item in the market which not only attracts the youths, but also attracts the adults heavily. The mobile companies are struggling every day to invent new and updated smartphones in the market to attract the people. This is mainly happens due to the high demand among the people in purchasing the smartphones. Hence the mobile companies are introducing several models of smartphones daily with multiple facility and application in attractive price and with several free gifts and offers.

How and why is so much attraction on smartphones created

This much high attraction on smartphones among every one of us is created mainly because of the exciting facilities and applications it has within it. Even though after reviewing the specifications and facilities of the smartphones, it is highly difficult nowadays to select and buy a perfect smartphone. This is because of the huge presence of smartphone models and competitive introduction of smartphones by the mobile companies.

Although it is difficult to identify a good smartphone, some of the specific points and specifications which we have to see keenly when purchasing a smartphone are as follows:

1)     User Interface:

In the user interface section the main things which we have to check with the particular smartphone are,

  • What type of touch screen it has, either resistive or capacitive
  • Whether the screen quality is good or bad
  • The resolution of the screen
  • The pixel standard of the screen
  • The buttons standard like either it is having feather touch buttons or hard touch buttons
  • The screen angulations and measurement either wide angle or shorter, etc.

2)     Processing Units or Device:

A smartphone mainly runs by the SOC (System on Chip). This is the main unit through which the smartphone operates.

The SOC consists of,

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • VPU (Vector Processing Unit)
  • RAM Interface
  • HDMI Communication Interface
  • Video Coding & Decoding Devices

When purchasing the smartphone look for a high speed SOC, which helps you better and user free too.

3)     Storage Capacity:

When coming to the memory of the smartphone, check for its internal memory, extendable memory, RAM model and capacity. Normally try to purchase a high capacity or memory model mobile, because it will help you to store more and add more application whenever new applications introduced in the market.

4)     Sensors and location:

Locating a place and sensor the voice and vision are the new technological revolution which were introduced mainly in the smartphones. Hence check for these devices with each and every mobile regarding its user friendly and efficiency, then go for purchasing.

5)     Casing:

Most of us prefer to go for pretty good and stylish model mobiles only. In such case go for a good and long life casing smartphones which is not troubling you on and off with changing the external panels and casements.

6)     Battery Power:

Last but not least, check for the battery capacity and its lifetime before purchasing the smartphone, because with all advanced facilities and devices, a low battery power smartphone will be of no use.