Saving all of your old photos

Photos are meant to provide memories later on in life when you start checking them out once again. That will not happen if you end up losing all the old photos. There was a point in time when we did not have the digital storage of photos like now. Today, many people use their phones to take photos all the time and even store them in the cloud storage. The old photos tend to get wasted and gather dust as there is no one looking after them.

saving photos


It is about time to scan the old photos that are yet to be digitized for a better storage. The use of new technology such as PreserveLegacies should help you do that. The project has been listed on Indiegogo as one of the upcoming great ideas that need funding. Through the help of backers on the site, the project should live long enough to get help other people scan their photos for better storage.

How the technology compares to the other existing ones

Scanning your photos at home with a regular branded scanner, it can take ages to complete. It can be frustrating sometimes. The use of commercial scanners can be fast, but the scanning rates are expensive for most people to afford. The PreserveLegacies scanner is looking to offer the scanning services at a faster and cheaper rate. The scanner will be scanning 85 images per minute and on both sides. 85 is a high number than what most people are used to seeing.

The expected impact of such a technology

Scanning your photos will help you store the photos well on your hard drives or cloud storage. With cloud storage, they are safe just in case your personal computer is infected by a malware affecting other files. This is also a chance to organize your old photos, albums and slides around the office. The digital storage takes up lesser space than the physical frames.

This is a new way of scanning images. It might receive mixed reviews at first before people can actually understand it. There is always room for improvement on the scanner regarding its current suggested 300dpi picture quality. Other than that, the technology should change how people think about scanning their old photos.

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