Why is BubbleXT the Best Trading Platform for Traders?

BubbleXT has gained fame because of the amazing trading experience it offers. But, what makes it different from hundreds of other brokers present online?

Here is an informative review of every feature of this broker:


CFD trading is exceptional

The broker offers you a platform to trade CFDs. There aren’t too many platforms that offer this trading.

It offers extraordinary security to your money and personal details

The broker offers exceptional safety of your funds. It puts your money in different accounts and not where it has its own account. You mostly don’t get this benefit with all online brokers.

Signing up at BubbleXT gives you the peace of mind that your deposit is going to an account that doesn’t belong to the broker personally.

Talking about the security of your personal details, the broker encrypts all your information provided on the site.

So, there is no way your personal information can be shared with any third party.

Safety of your identity

The broker demands photos of your credit card, bank statement, and utility bills to make sure that the person is a legit entity.

Anyone who has stolen your personal details will surely not be able to provide these details. So, all in all, the broker protects your identity.

Different trading accounts for different traders

The trading accounts are made by experts after acknowledging the needs of traders and trading trends. New traders can sign up with a small amount of money.

BubbleXT offers simple entry to traders.  New traders will love the green account which is the basic account type offering access to several features with a minimum deposit of $500.

Several trading platforms

The broker offers a different trading experience to traders. It offers three different trading platforms to trade. The most famous is MetaTrader 4.


BubbleXT is a renowned broker that has given traders a chance to explore different features of trading in one place.

It offers a unique trading experience to traders with its exceptional user interface and navigation. It is easy to handle and highly recommended trading platform for all types of traders.