Design Your Documents With Warehouse Documents Editor

Warehouse documentation is an integral part of inventory management. So the inventory management software also offers plenty of already designed templates for warehouse documentation. But there is an inbuilt editor that helps in creation of templates. So if you want you can create your templates through the editor. This process is more convenient than using the pre-designed templates as here you are free to choose everything that is included in the documentation process.


Launch The Editor

Just like the label designer the editor also requires multiple warehouse transfers and products in the database. You should also install the printer through which you plan to print the documents. The editor can be launched while you are adding documents to the list. Once you launch the editor, all default templates are displayed in the window. But if you want to make your templates, you can get an A4 sheet and start creating with the Warehouse Documents Editor. Next you should set the parameters for the sheet and provide details for the number of copies you wish to print off the data.

Now Work With It

An ideal document should be informative and transparent. So before you proceed you should have an idea of the final look of the document. Your document should provide information about the various kinds of warehouse activity. Then you have to include all details of that particular transfer. The number of the document and the warehouse name and date is also very essential for documentation process. You can also include your company data and accounts details with the help of Warehouse Documents Editor.