Copy pasting files without hassle

Every person has copy pasted files from one folder to another and this work is a daily routine for some people while some people do it as needed. The folder that contains the files that are needed to be moved is known as the source and the folder in which the files will be moved to be the destination folder. So one copies files from source to the destination as required. Mostly people use the simple copy paste method that is available default on any machine and it is recommended to be used for normal cases.

But there are firms and organisation or work process that requires in heavy copy pasting or moving files to the folders that are huge in number and size and are of various extensions that the normal copy pasting might not support. One might have come across the notifications and warning while copy pasting normal files. Some files have incorrect extensions that the destination does not support, while some source files might be locked and one needs to have administrative instructions and keys to copy those files.

All these errors while copying makes it impossible to copy files from the source to destination without having to take proper measures. Also, sometime the files are larger in size or are many in numbers and the copy paste crashes even before moving the entire list of selected files. Copying directories is a headache as it takes a lot of time and some files just do not support the extension that the destination supports. In normal cases these problems and restrictions might be overlooked but when it comes to important working environment then one needs to find out ways and take proper measures to get the files or directory copied to the other server ditto as it was in the source server.

Richcopy download makes the task easy and carefree for the people. A large number of firms in the United States and the citizens have been using this software for copy pasting files or moving directories from one server top the other. This is because the Richcopy download makes it easy for the people to get the files moved within a click.

One just needs to create the set up by clicking on the desired options and then just click on the go and let the files move without any sort of restrictions or notifications at all. In case one is not sure about how the software works or if it is feasible to put money and buy the software one can choose to try the free Richcopy download for the trial period.

The trial version of the Richcopy download helps one in knowing what the software is all about and how it can be advantageous for copying file. One can use the software according to the need. One can either copy or move selected list of files from the source to the destination or can copy the entire directory. The Richcopy download has the tendency to keep the date intact by copying the date and time from source to destination folder.