Different Plants Used in Indian Kitchens for Accentuating the Flavors

We all very well know that plants are very important in almost every aspect of our daily life. This is why we all have plants, some or the other type of plants grown in our indoor or outdoor gardens. From ages, plants have played a crucial role in our lives, and hence we all are constantly striving hard to get them into our houses. Not only this, but the trend of gifting plants to our loved ones has also increased. Today we will make you go through some plants to give to them as a token of love. Your people can use them for a lot of purposes.

Now keeping this in mind, we have listed some important plants which are used in almost every kitchen. They are not just restricted to your gardens; rather, you can now pluck some of them and ass into your recipes to bring an essence to the food. This is very important for all of us, and we can undoubtedly think of giving this plant to our loved ones. So, whenever you plan to order plants online, you surely need to go through this amazing list of greens.

Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is a very important plant that originates from Sri Lanka and is currently in various other countries. The main part of this plant is a stalk that is put into food to make it flavorsome. There are long leaves in these plants that can be crushed or chopped into small pieces to add to your food. Several people also say that lemongrass leaves are of great benefit and hence can be added into tea. It will lower cholesterol, relieve anxiety, and also boost oral health.

Tamarind Plant

Yet another very important plant which has been used in every Indian kitchen has to be tamarind. This one is native to the tropical areas of Africa. It is mostly cultivated in the subtropical and tropical regions. They are used in the preparation of beverages, chips, traditional medicines, and also chutneys. You will be surprised to know that the wood of tamarind plants is also used to make carpentry items.

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves are very famously used in South India and have been added to every South Indian cuisine. They release a very strong fragrance and make the food very tasty. You can add the curry leaves to the hot oil and let it release its flavors into the food. Apart from being a nutritious cooking herb, the strong natural compounds they produce provide an array of health benefits.

Coriander Leaves

The most sought-after plant for the kitchens is the coriander leaves. Coriander is both used as a herb and as a spice. Also recognized as cilantro, this green plant is surely a very common part of many delicacies and is essential for food preparations. The coriander seeds are used as spices for adding into the Garam Masala, which is used while cooking. It is a perennial green plant and can be available throughout the year.

Fennel Plant

The fennel plant is an evergreen, hardy, and striking plant used by every Indian household. This plant has very aromatic flavors, so these are used in both savory and sweet recipes. We can say that this is a very popular ingredient for the dishes made in the Mediterranean cuisine. The fennel plants’ seeds are grilled, roasted, or added to the salads, soups, and also for making tea.

Sweet Bay

Sweet bay is a green plant that can be grown to a height of 26 meters. It is a stingy sweet-flavored plant added to stews, veggies, tea, and many types of meat dishes. You can also give this to your dear ones and undoubtedly will love receiving it from them.

These were some plants that you can add to your garden for pepping up some essences and flavors to your food. This will give you evidence that you can add these plants to your gifting list. Now you can buy indoor plants online and send them to your dear ones for making the surprises more special for them. This is what will not just be pleasant for them but will also be of benefit. Your loved ones will love these plants, for sure. Happy Plant Gifting!!!