Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored or UGC Links – Which Backlinks Are Suitable?

If you are working on the SEO of a business website, you can’t deny the importance of the backlinks. Without backlinks, Google may not discover pages of your website. Sometimes, Google considers that your website doesn’t have the best content for the audience. When you create links for your business website, Google will consider each link as a vote for your website. If you are getting links from the trusted websites, these links can increase the ranking of your website in the SERP. Most of the people are aware of two types of links. These two types of links are do-follow and no-follow. In 2019, Google has announced further two types of link attributes. These two types of link attributes are Sponsored and UGC links. Here, we will discuss all of them.

What Are Dofollow Links?

Dofollow links allow the search engine bots to follow them to reach the targeted websites. In other words, these links will be counted as a vote for the authority of a website. These links also pass along the link juice. That’s why if you will get a dofollow link from a high-authority website, Google will consider that your website is also authentic. Moreover, it is also the best way to boost up your SEO efforts. Google counts all the inbound links of the web pages. If your website is getting dofollow links from the authentic websites, you will get higher ranking in the search engines. By default, all the links are dofollow. If you don’t want to pass the link juice of your website to other websites, you will have the use of nofollow attribute.

Dofollow links are playing an important role in enhancing the ranking of a website. Its reason is that search engine bots are crawling the websites through dofollow links. They can get an idea of who is linking to whom. The search engine bots pass this authority in the form of the link juice. For example, if you are getting a link from a reputable website and this website has high PageRank, search engines will also consider that your website is also reputable. As a result, search engines will also increase the PageRank of your website. It can also improve the ranking of your website in the SERP.

What Are Nofollow Links?

Nofollow links will not be helpful for the websites to increase their authority in the eyes of the search engines. To make the links nofollow, the webmasters have to use an attribute rel=”nofollow” in their websites. When they will use this attribute, their websites will not pass the link juice to the linked websites. Therefore, we can say that these kinds of links will not play any role in enhancing the ranking of your website in the search engines. To make the outbound links of your website nofollow, you will have to use rel=”nofollow”. Moreover, you can also get help from your webmaster.

According to Google, if your website is getting nofollow backlinks, it will not pass any PageRank to your website. It means that these kinds of backlinks will not affect the position of your website in the search engines. Some high authority websites are allowing the readers to leave comments. Now, the problem was that some black hat SEO practitioners started to make bad use of these comments. They started to create dofollow backlinks for their websites. In 2005, Google introduced an update. As a result of this update, they allowed the website owners to use rel=”nofollow” attribute in their websites.

What Are Sponsored And UGC Links?

According to an assignment help firm, in September 2019, Google had announced further two types of links. The first type is the sponsored links. If you are using paid links in your website, you can provide attribution of paid links to these links. The most important types of the links that you can use in the sponsored links are sponsored placements and paid links etc. The second type is the UGC links. The website owners can use this attribution to identify the links of the users. If you are getting these kinds of links, page’s author will not endorse the search engines to consider these links as the trustworthy links. It is up to the search engine. The search can or can’t use it for the PageRank of this website.

If we analyze these two types of links, we will know that their attributions are just similar to the original nofollow attribute. It means that these kinds of links will provide a note to Google. Now, Google can consider it a vote or not. After creating these kinds of links, you don’t know how Google will use the data of these links. It is providing us with a hint that Google will consider it after analyzing it. If we want to count this link as a vote in Google, we have to create it on the best quality website. For example, if we are getting these kinds of links through comments, we should try to leave the best comments.

Which Link Is Suitable For A Business Website?

If you want to improve the ranking of your business website, you will have to do its SEO. While doing SEO of the business website, we have to create links. Now, the problem is that most of the businessmen don’t know the best links for their business websites. After reading about dofollow, nofollow, sponsored and UGC links, you can easily get an idea which is the best link for your business website. First of all, they should focus on dofollow backlinks. These kinds of backlinks will play a vital role in enhancing the ranking of their business website.

Now, the problem is that if you will create all the dofollow backlinks, Google can penalize your website. If you will create links by mixing dofollow and nofollow backlinks, you can easily save your website from Google Penguin. Different people tell us different things about the percentage of these links. Anyhow, you should not increase the percentage of dofollow backlinks from 90%. While creating nofollow backlinks, you should focus on the sponsored and UGC links. As we know that nofollow links will never provide any benefit in enhancing the ranking of the business website. Anyhow, when you will create sponsored and UGC backlinks, they can transfer some link juice to your website. As a result, these links can contribute to enhancing the ranking of your website.