Dry Scalp Remedy

Dry scalp remedy is chosen by many people to fix or treat, even moisturize dry scalp because using natural remedies is a perfect choice and these natural resources have a clear origin and safe elements for your hair.This article only mentions natural materials such as lemon, olive, apple, eggs, yogurt, oils. These natural materials are really good for your hair.

Some causes of dry scalp

There are some common causes for dry scalp. First is that you choose the wrong shampoo. You don’t spend much time to choose the suitable shampoo for your hair or you don’t know how your hair is. Moreover, the shampoo contains a harmful element for your hair. It is the reason that your hair does not care well.

Second is that you don’t care the conditioning hair or moisturize your hair every day. It is important to have a good care for your hair, especially in winter, having a cold climate. Your hair will lack water, vitamin.

Finally, you don’t have a nutritious diet for your health, it means your hair is affected, it will become weak and dry. It is essential to supply your hair with vitamin and protein from helpful foods. It is the smartest way and it is also cheapest for fixing the dry scalp.

Some home remedies for dry scalp.

First is to use natural trees like a tea tree,  a coconut tree.

You need to have some coconut drops or some tea tree drops. You put oils on your hair and massage your head by fingers in 5 minutes. And then keep your hair in the hair cotton cap in 20 minutes. Finally, you clean your hair with fresh water. Your hair will become smoother.

Second is to use some fruits having much vitamin like lemon, apple.

These fruits include anti bacteria on your hair and contain the acid to remove the dead from the head skin. You need to have one or two apples or lemons. And put it on the head in about 10 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water. It is sure that lemon and apple fruits help to get rid of dandruff.

The third is to use some traditional ways:

Onion mixed with honey

You need a half cup of onion juice and one teaspoon honey. You keep onion and honey on the hair in 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Then wash your hair with fresh water. This work will help to boost the health of the hair. You need to do this twice a week. It will help your hair smooth and strong. It is also to remove the dead of skin on your head. It enhances the growth of your hair.

Egg mixed with honey:

This way is used to fix dry scalp effectively. You need to have one egg and one teaspoon honey. You will beat the egg and mix it with honey to do the mask for your hair. Keep the mask in 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water. It will supply protein for your hair and help your hair to reduce dry scalp.

Fruits mixed with honey

You should make a mask that is mixed by fruits with honey. You put it on your hair in 20 minutes.  You can massage your hair by fingers in 2-3 minutes. Then clean your hair with water. Its function is similar to egg honey. It is helpful for the hair growth. It provides vitamin to your hair perfectly.

Egg mixed with yogurt

Egg mixed with yogurt is good for the health of your hair. You need one teaspoon yogurt and one egg. Then put it on your hair in some minutes. It finds your hair strong and healthy with protein from egg and vitamin from yogurt. Egg mixed with yogurt is a safe and perfect mask for your hair. You need to make a mask one a week. It is very good for moisturizing your hair

Soda mixed with rose water

Soda mixed with rose water that will help to reduce dry scalp and help to improve hair growth. Soda will balance your hair well and rose water will let your hair smooth. Keep it on your head and massage your hair in 5 minutes. Then make your hair clean by water. You should do this twice a week or third a week.

Summary, you want to own the healthy hair, you need to use dry scalp remedies. Home remedies really help to get rid of the itchy or flakes quickly. Besides, home remedies also make your dry hair reduce remarkably. Using dry scalp remedies let you feel safe and confident, even allow your hair become strong and healthy. Home remedies are the smart choice for users and also are the perfect measure for your hair.