What Are the Effects of Meth Use on Other Members of the Family?

Addictions don’t happen by themselves. When one person chooses to abuse a substance, the results are always terrible. The consequences of an addictive behavior quickly infiltrate the lives of family and friends.

The distorted reality of meth addicts’ loved ones quickly becomes the driving force behind breaking their family structure, as relatives of meth users swiftly discover.

When a loved one is addicted to meth, it’s difficult to comprehend what you are experiencing as a family. Meth addiction impacts each family differently, but these are a few of the most common and devastating effects you can expect.

Effects of Meth Addiction on Family Members When a Child or Teenager is the Addict

It’s terrible for any parent to learn that their child has become addicted. Being able to watch them suffer, struggle, and seem to have a front-row seat as their lives degrade gives a numbing feeling unlike any other. And things are just going to get worse from here.

The entire family suffers when a child becomes addicted to meth because of:

  1. Isolated Behavior

The way in which a user thinks and behaves is profoundly influenced by a meth. Occasionally, meth addicts may experience sobering moments where they feel ashamed of their addiction or certain actions they have taken, and therefore, may withdraw from their family or remove themselves to protect their family from the effects of their addiction. As a result, family members struggle to reconnect and assist the addict in the hope they will get clean when the addict is isolated.

  1. Treatment for Enabling

It is understandable that parents would go to any extent for their children. This increases the likelihood that parents will support a child struggling with a meth addiction. Even though relatives’ intentions are to assist their loved ones in quitting drugs and becoming healthier, enabling activities such as bribery, motivation, and negotiating have the opposite effect.

By providing an enabling environment for a meth addict, he or she will continue to abuse the dangerous drug. Addicts are unwittingly shielded from the true effects of meth abuse by their enabling family members, allowing them to continue their destructive behavior. Families can experience major dysfunction when members find their efforts ineffective, causing increased tension and disputes.

  1. Problems at School and in Work

Meth can ruin an addict’s academic or professional performance, depending on their age.

When a child’s meth addiction causes them to fall behind in school, obtain poor marks, or act inappropriately with other pupils, the entire family might feel the strain. It is not uncommon for parents to become agitated, tensions to build, and siblings to wonder what the future holds in this environment.

Adult children who have meth addictions and suffer from inappropriate behavior and poor performance at work are likely to be terminated because of poor work ethic and behavior. A loss of employment can leave a parent, sibling, or even extended family member with the burden of providing a roof over their heads and providing for basic needs until they can get back on their feet.

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