Dynamic Yoga Sarbhang Dande For Health, Vigor And Good Physic

Sarbhang Dande is a renowned yoga technique was emerged in the 17th century and used by the guru of one of the religious movements in India – Gobind Singh. He used this Kriya to provide training to the soldiers for the battles. For beginners in yoga, let us explain that Kriya is a dynamic bunch of exercises in yoga, while asana is a static position.

What is the effect of Sarbhang Dande practices?

Firstly, it provides great healing to the body or with its help the body self-cures from many diseases. In particular, this Kriya is indicated for problems with the menstrual cycle, digestive tract, eye diseases, lymph, etc. Secondly, as a result of performing Sarbhang, Dande improves blood circulation and at the cellular level, the mechanisms of rejuvenation of your body are triggered. Thirdly, it works effectively with the spine and eliminates the discomfort in the back. Also, Sarbhang Dande removes various kinds of internal blocks and clamps, which helps to increase self-confidence, raise your self-esteem and enhances your prosperity. Also, this ultimate yoga kriya helps to find internal energy balance, as it balances all chakras, gunas, tattvas and 10 human bodies. As well as it increases the volume of the lungs, helps to open the pranic center, which is located between the shoulder blades. Additionally, it supports the ligament, which is known to contribute to the development and maintenance of good physical shape. In other words, Sarbhang Dande promotes your development and improvement in all directions: physical, mental and energetic. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation.

Let’s see what this magical sequence of exercises is that can give you so many benefits as follows-

To perform Sarbhang Dande, you will need to master in only 3 asanas and perform them in a certain sequence. All of them imply four points of support: the toes of the feet and the palms of the hands. The rest of the body should be raised above the floor. It is extremely important to position the fulcrum correctly:

∙         make sure that the palms are strictly under the chest;

∙         the fingers for greater resistance necessary to spread his;

∙         the middle fingers of both hands should be straight, and the thumbs should be at right angles to the middle.

Start in the pose downward Dog (Adho Mukha of Svanasana)

To enter the asana, kneel down, put your hands forward with the distance apart and with your knees spread shoulder-width apart, and the palms of your hands under your chest. Inhale and straighten your legs at the knees, lift the pelvis up, heels rest on the floor, head down behind the line of the hands. Your body with the floor should form a triangle.

Now, move towards the Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana. To do this, from the previous asana, straighten the arms at the elbows, the upper half of the torso is placed vertically on the floor, the top of the head is stretched to the ceiling. When exhale, raise the pelvis up, move your feet forward and return to the starting position-the Dog muzzle down. Take a deep breath and start a new circle of Sarbhang Dande. A total of 26 such laps will need to be made, and eventually gradually increased to 108. However, do not be afraid of such a number of repetitions of the ligament. 26 laps make one approach to Kriya and they must be done without interruption and later can have a 10-minute relaxation in the Shawasana or baby Pose. After resting properly, make another approach of 26 laps and continue with the same.

This Kriya is quite simple; it is suitable for beginners in yoga and for daily yoga practices. For its implementation, it does not need a lot of space, and time. The most surprising thing is that the beneficial effect of Sarbhang Dande on your body you will feel from the first practice. People who practice this Kriya for months on end experience positive changes at all major levels of their lives so move up with the same and gain great health and wellness. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher and start your own yoga school then you can join yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and start your own career.