The Most Effective Ways to treat Hair Loss for Women

Watching your hair fall more and more with every passing day may be scary. According to American Academy of Dermatology it may be completely normal to lose 50 to 100 strands daily. And over time your hair density changes and individual hair strands get thinner. However, women are more conscious about their hair and hence hair loss for women is treated by dermatologists in several ways.

Some of them are given below:

Minoxidil: An FDA approved compound, Minoxidil helps in improving hair loss. It grows the size of the follicle and makes it produces bigger hair strand.

Nutrient and supplements: Consuming a nutrient rich diet will keep your hair healthy. Though hair supplements don’t cause hair growth but they help in keeping your hair stronger. The right mix of fish protein, Vitamin C, zinc, biotin, helps your body to produce thicker hair strands.

Lifestyle changes help in slowing down hair loss: Poor lifestyle choices make your hair quality poor. Smoking and poor diet may lead to a number of health conditions and hair fall in one of them.  Hence you should eat the right nutrients. Remember your hair thrives on Vitamin A, omega fatty acids, iron, zinc, protein, magnesium and Vitamin B-12. Hence, in order to make sure that you get the best nutrition for your bangs, you should fight hair loss with these nutrients. You should increase your intake of lean meat, leafy veggies, beans, nuts and fish.

Massage your scalp in the right way: You just work halfway every time you shampoo. It is important to massage your heard in the right way in the shower to enhance the blood flow to the scalp. A better blood flow ensures a healthy environment for your hair growth. It also helps in the penetration of any treatment you are undergoing.

Allow your hair to air dry: It is one of the best fix for your hair you may have never thought. Hair dryers on your normal or color treated hair can cause thinning and breakage. Hence, you should reduce its usage.

Fight stress for healthy hair: Chronic or sudden stress both can stop your hair growth. So, if you have been under stress for the past few days, then your hair loss may have increased. It is important to opt for stress relieving techniques like meditation to get rid of hair loss.

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