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Drug and alcohol addiction are severe but solvable issues. With the help of friends and family and adequate therapy, the afflicted individual may overcome addiction and recover effectively. When we hear the word “drug rehab,” we instantly think of inpatient rehabilitation, but outpatient therapy is also an option. What is outpatient rehabilitation? How does this work? In what situations is outpatient drug treatment the best option? This guide is perfect for anyone seeking outpatient rehab near Katy, TX.

Outpatient Rehab: What Is It?

Outpatient rehabilitation is a non-residential, therapy-based approach to drug and alcohol addiction. Unlike inpatient rehabilitation, this sort of therapy does not require on-site living or housing accommodations. A man or woman with an addiction issue does not have to be compelled to spend a certain amount of time, generally three months, in a recovery facility. Instead, they can live in their own homes and attend treatment sessions as scheduled.

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How Does Outpatient Rehab Work and How Is It Different from Inpatient Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab enables people to obtain treatment for substance misuse while remaining at home and continuing with their regular lives. Although outpatient rehab offers flexibility, patients must attend therapy at certain hours. Patients who regularly attend their visits can continue to get counselling and medicines. Alternatively, residential therapy necessitates that patients live on the grounds of the treatment center.

When Is Outpatient Rehab the Best Option?

Outpatient drug rehab is most suited for those with mild to moderate addiction. It is the best option for individuals with:

  • Low chance of severe withdrawal
  • Regular transportation to counselling sessions
  • Strong family and friend support
  • Motivation to follow the treatment plan

If you (or a loved one) suffer from serious drug or alcohol addiction, outpatient treatment may not be an appropriate option. In these circumstances, there is a considerable danger of severe withdrawal symptoms and problems, hence the detox must be undertaken under supervision. In addition, people with a weak support system, concurrent mental or health issues, and a history of relapsing are less likely to reap any benefit from outpatient rehab, as are men and women who have previously dropped out of outpatient treatment.

Anyone seeking outpatient rehab near Katy, TX, may be wondering what forms to anticipate. Here is the answer.

Types of Outpatient Rehab

There are many forms of outpatient rehabilitation including:

  • Standard Outpatient Programs. Individuals enrolled in Standard Outpatient Programs (OPs) normally meet for 1-2 hours per day and include one hour of individual treatment each week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs). Individuals enrolled in Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) meet for 3 hours each day, with one hour of individual treatment per week.
  • Individuals enrolled in Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) meet 6-8 hours each day, with one hour of individual treatment per week.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehabilitation

Here are some of the benefits that each individual seeking outpatient rehab near Katy, TX, can anticipate:

Flexibility. Patients are expected to check in at the treatment center only for a certain number of days and hours. They have far more independence than inpatient treatment, including the opportunity to continue with regular activities.

Cost-effectiveness. Outpatient therapy is often far less expensive than inpatient rehab since you use fewer services and facilities and do not have to live in a facility.

Availability of Family Support. Outpatient programs enable you to remain at home and have your family support you through this critical journey. This is a critical step in the rehabilitation process since many patients rely on their families for love and support while they heal. It also helps patients to continue caring for family members, such as kids or elderly parents, for whom no other care choices exist.

Types of Therapy at Our Outpatient Rehab in Texas.

Anyone seeking outpatient rehab near Katy, TX, may be wondering of the forms of therapy to anticipate.

Patients undergoing outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Texas state can anticipate the following sorts of therapy.

  • Individual Therapy. Patients get one-on-one counselling or individual therapy from skilled and licensed therapists in outpatient rehab. Together, the patient and his or her therapist try to figure out what precise triggers caused the patient’s addiction. Therapists then develop a strategy for his or her patients to address the difficulties that led to their drug addiction.
  • Group Therapy. Group therapy is described as any sort of therapy that aims to alleviate drug misuse symptoms and includes two or more persons seeking recovery services. This form of treatment is advantageous to those undergoing outpatient rehabilitation. It offers peer support and encouragement from other people in recovery from drug misuse.
  • Educational Group Sessions. Educational group sessions are another kind of outpatient therapy that teaches mindfulness, relapse prevention, life skills, and other techniques.
  • Family Therapy. Family therapy is another form of therapy available to individuals in outpatient drug recovery. This kind of treatment can assist in mending damaged relationships created by an individual’s addiction. It provides family members with insight into the agony that persons experience when suffering from chemical addiction.
  • 12-Step Meetings. The Alcoholics Anonymous founders devised the 12-step program, which is a set of recommendations for overcoming alcoholism and leading to permanent sobriety. Skyward Treatment Center’s 12-step groups allow those in outpatient drug recovery to explore their faith.
  • Recreational Therapy. Patients can also participate in recreational therapy by playing basketball, and sand volleyball, using the gym, or engaging in Jiu-jitsu training at our facility.

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