Enhance IVF Success Rate in the Natural Manner

In the past few years, infertility has become quite common amongst men and women and its impact is not just seen on thousands but millions of couple across the world. Thus, medical practitioners have come up with a way to fight this issue and win over it. It ranges from medication to surgery. But do you know about IVF and the right ways to increase IVF success rate?


Undergoing any treatment is painful and stressful, not to mention the expensive costs that it brings along. So, if you wish to get success in your IVF treatment, you can go through all these steps in your daily life, mainly your diet. You might not realise it but your eating habit plays a vital role in your chances to get pregnant. The food that we take in and consume daily prepares your body in the best possible way to welcome a baby in your womb

Acupuncture is a Chinese tradition practiced by Chinese healers. As per the ancient believers, our food consumption plays an active role in getting pregnant. Eating whole food and carbohydrates enhances the IVF success rate. Several researches have been done to find out the food that enhances the fertility rate in women.

Featuring high level of antioxidant, Shitake mushrooms reduce the oxidation of the body. A man who possesses high oxidation level sometime leads to male infertility. However, if you include Shitake mushrooms in your food, it causes a positive impact on your sperm quality as well as quantity. It also has selenium which important for women who wish to get pregnant. It prohibits birth defects, chromosome destruction and miscarriages and finally leads to increase IVF success rate.

Pineapple being rich in bromelain reduces inflammation and breakage of protein. It can cramp the embryo implantation in your uterus. Thus, eating of fresh and ripe pineapple is greatly advisable and it should be included in your balanced diet specifically, during the commencement of embryo transfer.

Molasses is rich in iron, iodine and calcium. The mineral of this food product is very important in sustaining pregnancy and surely enhances the success rate of IVF. It is also great for the treatment of hormonal irregularities which can later lead to issues for IVF. Molasses also has PABA. Women who regularly consume PABA have higher conception chances.

Getting pregnant might be difficult for few people but if you eat healthy and good, then you will have an increase IVF success rate.