Embody The Ninja Spirit With Authentic Throwing Stars

Everyone is well aware of the awe-inspiring and action-packed spell of ninjas and their missions. We have all seen hundreds of movies and cartoons that tell their fantastic tales and celebrate their skills. But apart from idolizing them through the television screens, you can also experience the ninja world in real life.

Yes, that’s right! Ninjas existed in actuality, and their legacy has been immortalized by fiction and fantasy. Ninja stories and their weapons were set in time as the most stealthy and effective for vigilante justice. Among many of these tools are the famous Throwing Stars. Created specifically to aid in discreet missions against the tyrant Japanese military, ninjas used these stars to confound their enemies.

What’s The Story Behind Ninja Throwing Stars?

For those not familiar with precisely who ninjas are and what they do; here is a little backstory.

  • Ninjas were the mercenaries and assassins who had their brand of strategies to fight against the Samurai armies.
  • They were light on their feet, every agile and hard to peg down.
  • The ability to be undetected and fight bad guys made them so famous as both heroes and villains in movies.
  • But their weapons were the main attraction; they fashioned weapons that could be carried easily and inflict more damage.
  • Among those weapons were shorter swords to carry on their backs, hidden blades, and throwing stars.
  • These stars were 5-point thin metal disks to hurtle through the air to distract, detract, and confuse their enemies.
  • The sharp blade was ideal for cutting open flesh like arms or neck. The ninja stars would nick the enemies and injure them enough to throw them off the scent.
  • In Central Asia, they are also commonly known as shuriken or Chinese throwing stars.

Are Real Throwing Stars Still In Use?

Not only are throwing stars still used, but they are also revered by martial arts fans and practitioners alike. There are some prevalent ways you can use authentic throwing stars in your life.

●      Martial Arts Training

All across the U.S., there are hundreds of martial arts centers that teach the ancient technique to people who want to learn. Throwing stars are a preliminary part of that teaching when you learn to use weapons.

●      Self Defense

Just as the ninjas used throwing stars to mislead their enemies, you can use them to save yourself. Real ninja stars aren’t very effective as hands-on weapons, but they’re useful for ensuring safety. You can use them for bursting tires off someone following you in the car or intimidating home intruders.

●      Target Practice

For the sake of fun or for strengthening your shot, throwing stars are excellent tools to practice target shooting. You can use them to improve your aim for outdoor shooting or hunting.

●      Collection and Decoration

Much like many other weapons that existed in the ancient world, ninja stars greatly appeal to weapon buffs and collectors. They look great as wall decorations, so people like to display them to build an impressive showcase.

Danger Level – Can Throwing Stars Kill?

  • If used right, ninja stars can definitely kill you.
  • In inexperienced hands, shurikens can cut someone bad enough to bleed out and die.
  • They are essentially multi-pointed knives, so they have to be handled with caution.

Of course, that also raises the question, if they are dangerous,

Are Shurikens illegal?

  • They are classified as dangerous blades in most states in the U.S., and their possession is heavily penalized.
  • You can go to jail for using shurikens in public, to fight or threaten someone, unless for self-defense.
  • However, it is legal to sell and ninja stars, and you can use them for collection or target practice in controlled spaces.

Where Can I Get Ninja Stars In The U.S.?

It is relatively easier to find throwing stars for sale in cities than in the United States’ rural areas. They aren’t widespread items even when it comes to weapons, so only martial arts fans buy them mostly. Regardless of where you’re situated, you can have access to high-quality ninja stars through the internet.

There is a streamline of online retailers that deal with martial arts weapons and carry a fantastic collection of ninja stars. A relevant and trusted name in the online weapon retail sphere is Knife Import. Especially if you want to buy authentic and cool ninja stars for collection, their website is the place to look.

Nifty Weapons, Favorable Prices – Cheap Throwing Stars For Sale

Just because throwing stars seem like novelty weapons that many people don’t buy, doesn’t mean they’re expensive. One of the reasons they are so loved as collectible is because they are cheap to buy in bulk. If you want to start collecting ninja stars on a budget, look at these sleek blades by Knife Import:

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