Facts To Know About Partner Visa Australia Processing Time

The Partner Visa comes under Sub-classes 820 and 801, as defined by the Government of Australia

1: Features

These subclasses of Visa cover the partner or spouse of the persons of the following status and allow them to live in Australia

  1. An Australian citizen
  2. An Australian permanent resident and
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

2: Requirements

The partner visa Australia processing time depends much upon the fulfillment of the following requirements.

  1. The Subclass 820 allows a temporary visa to reside temporarily in Australia, while the permanent visa under subclass 801 is under process. The applicant must be married or is in a de-facto relationship with persons of above status.
  2. The marriage must have parental permission as required under the Australian Law. You must be of sixteen or seventeen years of age. Moreover, you must be in a de-facto relationship for a minimum period of twelve months.
  • Submission of legal proof of your marriage or alternatively, an evidence of mutual agreement
  1. Compilation of requirement related to health and character, as prescribed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  2. You need to stay in Australia at the time when the visa is granted

2: Duration of Stay

The duration of stay starts from the date the visa was granted

  1. With 820 visa, you can stay in Australia till you get the permanent visa under subclass 801
  2. With 801 Visa, you can stay permanently. If you get the temporary visa, you can be assessed for a permanent Partner visa after two years of lodging of your application. It lasts indefinitely

3: Options for Application

  1. Prospective Marriage has a validity of nine months
  2. Spouse Visas includes marriage and application

4: Eligible Persons for Partner Visa

The partner visa Australia processing time will be shorter or longer, depending upon the eligibilities of the applicants. You must have married (spouse) or de-facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. If your relationship breaks down after lodging your application, you might still be eligible. You need to have a sponsor who is your partner. The exception is if your partner is below 18 years age.

  1. A person living in Australia with spouse
  2. A person studying in Australia and is dependent upon government’s financial assistance
  • A person working in Australia
  1. A person having access to Medicare
  2. A person who has repaid or have arranged for repayment of any outstanding debts to the Government of Australia
  3. A person who has complied with all statutory obligations to the government of Australia

5: Government’s Focus While Assessing

Much of the partner visa Australia processing time depends on the approach and attitude of the officials dealing with the applications.

  1. Your present financial status and the extent it suffices to manage your relationship
  2. The kind of your household activities related to financial management
  • Social Acceptability of your society
  1. The extent of mutual commitment

However, the officials do not stress on the above, if the documents submitted authenticate the relationship. But, they may raise issues with regard to Health and character in case the validity of your original visa has expired.

6: Processing Time

The processing time varies with the types and subclasses of the visas applied for.

  1. If you are already in a relationship for a long time with your partner, you can get your permanent Partner visa of subclass 801, immediately after the temporary Partner visa under subclass 820 is granted.
  2. If your current visa is almost going to end, you can stay in Australia if you have already lodged your application.
  • The partner visa Australia processing time for subclass 801(Permanent Visa) is two years after the 820 and 801 applications are lodged. This stipulation was last updated on 18th of January 2018, for the month ending 31st December 2017.
  1. The earlier stipulation for Temporary visa(801) was 75% of applications processed in 20 months and 90%, 25 months
  2. The earlier stipulation for Permanent visa (801) was; 75% of the applications were processed in 15 months and 90% in 21 months.

For any additional detail, you can contact the Migration Agent in Perth. Their friendly staff will respond to you immediately and will provide you with detail information related to Partner Visas Australia processing time.