Find a Job in Management Consultancy Post Retirement

If you have served your country for years as a veteran and your retirement period has arrived, then do not worry. At this age, you may look for several other employment opportunities where you can serve post-retirement to earn your bread and butter. You have served the nation with utmost diligence and passion and every organization is well aware of your leadership qualities and your capability to work with as a collective team.

If you are an expert at solving problems with calmness and patience, you can think of serving the management consultancies firms. These firms provide veterans job in management consulting irrespective of their past experiences and background. You might have served the infantry, intelligence operations, special operations or carried out the nuclear and naval operations outstandingly. But when you are hired by a management consultancy firm, nothing matters.

The veterans in management consulting are directly recruited for client service. Client service can range in various multitudes. You may have to guide a CEO before he heads on a strategic initiative or you may have to solve complex problems faced by a team of members. You can also help in the betterment of frontline operations at refineries or have active duties in fulfilling the demands of a client. You will find all your military skills will be an added benefit for you as you work in this field.

Working in a management consultancy firm, you can broadly serve your company in two ways.

  1. Recruiting: Once you become a part of this company, you will know how challenging it will be to shift from a military to a civilian job. Therefore, once you overcome your struggles, you will know the required changes you need to bring in to fit this company’s role. Since this field is relatively new, you can consult the employees of the company to figure out how their lives changed post-military service. Their inputs might help you a lot to get accustomed to this new job. Also, you can help train other veterans, who will be applying for this position, and out of all the trainees, you will know who will be the best recruit. As a coach or a mentor, your guidance will also be beneficial for them, and overall, it will help the company grow better.
  2. Connectivity and Support: When you join in the management consulting firm, your life changes a lot. Your dedication to service or your commitment to work remains intact, but the entire change in the ambience is massive and will take you some time to fit in. Similarly, you will find others who joined the job from different backgrounds. In these firms, you will always be giving back support to others, assess their goals and help them achieve them by mentoring or advising. You can provide consultancy services to other organizations or you can also provide assistance and support to veterans, who are wounded and have no more scope in military services. You can assist them and help them to convert to civilian life from the military life through effective consultancies and guidance.

Through IT solutions, risk management strategies and data analyses also, you can also serve the management consultancy firms.