Five Cheap, Free or Almost Free Proposal Ideas

  1. Dig a hole in the sand and unbury her treasure at a romantic moment
  2. Go to the movies put the ring into the bottom of the popcorn (the old popcorn trick)
  3. Rose pedals to the room girls love this
  4. Put it under the desert serving dome and add some class to dinner
  5. Have a stranger sing Kareoke and then at the end have them ask into the michrophone if your girl will marry you

Here are five more below sign up and add your favorites too!

Times are tough and you want to make a memory but don’t have the scratch to rent out the penthouse, right? So here are a few tips for proposing without spending a lot of money.

First off, the bottom line is to make sure you want to ask someone to be with you forever. Passing that test, you can use the following suggestions to help make popping the question a little easier.

  1. Past Present and … Future? Almost Free

If romance is your thing, then this is a great way to propose.  The biggest expense to doing this is probably in traveling.

Go back to where you had your first date or where you first met.  Talk about how your relationship has grown and changed; point out things you learned about him or her that you didn’t know back then. Bring the conversation up the present and tell them how they make you feel now. Tell them that you don’t want to go on from here without them.

  1. Wait, I think there’s one more behind the sofa! Free

If you are the holiday gift-giving type then this may appeal to you as a no-cost way to get a good story for the grandkids.

As you’re done passing out the presents, go to your secret hiding place behind the tree, above the mantle, in the fireplace or where ever, and pull out the ring. Take a knee, look her in the eye and ask the question without hesitating.

  1. #proposal Free

Its modern, pretty unique and totally free.  If you want to ask her and simultaneously announce it to the world then use the WWW.

Tweet it. Proposing on Twitter would be cool if you have a lot of followers, are somewhat famous or if it gets retweeted a lot.  ‘I want u 2 marry me′ would look super cool on a cake.

  1. With a little help from my friends Free

If you or your intended fiancée love art and theatre, and if you have some similarly minded friends (that work for free) then surprise them with a flash mob.

Take a walk through the park. Happen upon your prearranged friends waiting to burst out into a musical number (something that your intended would like). After the finale, take a knee and pop the question.

  1. The Classic The Price of a Nice Dinner

The less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect” – Chester’s Granddaddy

That means keep it simple, don’t over complicate it.

Take her out to dinner, hit one knee, look deep into her eyes, present a ring and ask, ‘Will you marry me’?