The Complete Guide To Safe Defrosting Mince

Why is it important to defrost properly?

Whether you are defrosting mince or another cut of meat or even veggies, there is bacteria that can be dangerous in food that’s not defrosted properly. In order to make sure that food is safe, one should always defrost properly. Food poisoning is terrible and can be badly dangerous.

Many people disagree that meat will defrost as you have cook it, if only the outside is defrosted, the inside will only take much longer to cook. So the inside of your meat may not be cooked properly even if the outside is. The inside will then have harmful bacteria in it.

How long does defrosting mince take?

When we put our mince inside the freezer, try to keep pack it into a few tupper ware boxes or else sandwich bags. If your mince is very “thick” then it will take longer to defrost. If you want it to defrost quickly as well as safely, freeze it into the smaller portions. Finally, the total amount of time it takes for your mince to defrost accurately very much depends upon that temperature of your fridge, but if you give it a check after about 6 hours – it should be defrosted if it’s frozen in smaller portions of 100g each portion.

How do you defrost meat?

The long term plan: If you’re organised and you can remember to, take your meat out of the freezer the night before you’ll be cooking it and place it in the fridge ideally for 24 hours. It’ll have time to defrost nice and slowly and equally.

The short term plan: If you need to defrost quickly – that’s not really possible if you want to do it properly. But there is a way to reduce the defrosting time from 24 hours to around six hours. Here’s how: take a sealable sandwich bag, put your meat in it, then remove as much air as possible and then seal. Place it in a big bowl full of cold water in the sink, and then place a weight of some kind (maybe another bowl) on top of the meat to keep it underneath the water. Leave it for at least 6 hours and check that the meat is until it is completely thawed. Every meat is different, so they require different times to defrost, so just check the middle is not still frozen.

Our Favourite Mince Meat Recipes

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