Google Pixel 2: The Output Of The Smartphone Could Irritate Samsung

Google and Samsung have always made sure to live together. Only then, the two firms could no longer get along with the release of Google Pixel 2!

Everyone knows: Samsung smartphones run Android. An operating system owned and developed by Google. Only recently, the American giant has designed its new phone that awaits a successor called Google Pixel 2 (which could have a record autonomy thanks to Android O). It seems that Samsung wants to become the leader of Android smartphones and that this desire for expansion displeases Google that would slow down. Samsung depending on its competitor as an “operating system vendor”, the situation is rather complicated between the two.

Following the example of Apple and Samsung, Google offered the device in two versions: Pixel 2 with 5-inch AMOLED-display (1080 x 1920) and its increased version of 2 XL with a screen of 5.5 “(1440×2560), both models are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, four gigabytes of operational Memory (LPDDR4), 32-128 GB flash drive, 2770 (Pixel 2) battery or 3450 mAh (Pixel 2 XL), as well as two cameras: a 12.3 megapixel main (f / 2.0) and an 8-megapixel main camera (F / 2.4) .The design of the devices is identical. Price: from $ 650 (for “regular” Pixel 2 with 32 GB of memory), as “unlocked” iPhone 8, to $ 869 (for Pixel 2 XL, 128 GB).

“Back” of the Google smartphone, however, is not completely flat: it has a wedge shape, tapering from the top to the bottom. So the smartphone seems thinner when you hold it in your hands, notes the columnist The Verge. In addition, unlike iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 – and this, perhaps, is one of the main claims of reviewers to the device – the novelty of Google does not have water resistance.

Photos taken with Pixel have a wider dynamic range and saturation. But the pictures taken at night, go out more granular than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7, said Joanna Stern of the WSJ. It also acknowledged that the dual camera iPhone 7 Plus with the features of 2-fold increase without loss of quality and background blur exceeds the “eye” Pixel, which is only capable of simulating the effect of bokeh.

The Google Pixel 2 would not please Samsung!

The Google Pixel 2 will therefore compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose iris scanner hack would not be so simple according to the brand. Not to mention that the South Korean is trying to make Bixby, his vocal assistant, a reference in the world of smartphones. In short, the latter seeks to develop without being hampered by competitors operating on the same ground. Competitors who gain market share like Huawei, Xiaomi or LG. Only the future will tell if the Pixel 2 will succeed in putting sticks in the wheels to Samsung and if the latter will manage to fight. Let us not forget that this market is ultra-competitive and unpredictable!

The Google Pixel 2 release date is one month away from now.