How did Bone Grafting with Stem cells become the Best?

Bone Grafting is a surgical procedure which is used to replace the missing bone in body which might have occurred due to some accident or fracture or infection. Several reasons might contribute towards the problems which can cause lack of bone. But usually, surgeries are very risky, painful, time taking for healing.

The major problem with surgery in case of bone grafting is that it requires two operations one for taking the graft and another to put in place wherever that is necessary and the other major thing is the sampling area must be painful for a longer while because of the operation. But the stem cells have the capability to heal the injuries and reduce the pain. So, rather than going for the bone graft surgery which are already very complex, why not go for the stem cell therapy for bone grafting then.

Stem Cell therapy have been a boon:

Bone defect can often arise due to any infection or fracture. With the invention of new technologies, stem cells have already gained a much higher place in terms of repair and cure they provide. Bone graft surgery is widely being used in hospitals to repair the bone which is injured, aged or probably diseased.

The stem cell therapy in Hyderabad have come with more benefits rather than going to surgery. It’s an effective grafting procedure as the natural substrate for new cells to grow is provided to the patients into the grafts to be replaced. This procedure is much easier, reduces the choices of pain and infections. As stem cells are a part of body which if placed at right conditions can possibly replicate any part of the body. With new research and experiments it has been proved that the formations of bones are also possible.

Why the stem cell therapy for bone grafting is breakthrough:

Bone replacement is the key procedure while going for the treatment of injuries or defects. The bones in our body have complex structure varying from small, big and finding a perfect to replacement of the damaged box is a very difficult task again. The main concern with artificial transplant is that they lack bone marrow which is again crucial for generating the red blood cells in body along with immune cells. As per the reports of the experiments carried out to test whether stems cells are doing their job perfect, the results were exceeding all the level. As compared to the traditional form of bone replacement this therapy has shown much greater improvements. Moreover this treatment enabled the bone formation without the use of any other external chemicals.

Experiments before applying the cure:

The researches have focused on many small and complex parts of the skull like near the ear bones, main weight bearing bone in the face. They have carried out the experiment with animals and seeded them with stem cells from the fat tissues. The stem cells in the body were supplied with nutrients and after the outcome of this were extremely overdoing. They had generated into living bones.

The entire mechanism of bone generation via stem cell is still studied. More researches are still being done for stem cell therapy in Hyderabad so that even a single minute detail might add in the history we can say with proven results that the surgery is not needed. So the understanding over cellular and molecular requirement for effective bone healing is still in process. So, stem cell therapy in Hyderabad  have made it possible to go for this therapy for generating back the new bone rather than going for surgery which are highly risky and complex. The city has skilled doctors which use highly equipped devices for treatment. They are also involved in continuous research all the time in their highly skilled labs so that more help can be provided to the patients so that they won’t have to go for the surgery un-necessarily at all.