How Node JS Bring Success to Your Online Business?

Node.js is one of the best JavaScript platform which is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js development is one of the powerful, efficient, fast, & scalable web server. It is developed to use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to remain lightweight & efficient in the face of data-intensive real time apps that runs across multiple devices.

Today, many top app development companies use it for various security benefits such as high performance, cloud-enabled technology, cheap hosting services, MVP delivery, easy execution & installation, lightweight Node.js services.

Top Benefits of NodeJS for Your Online Business

It’s Easy to Code

Node.js code is easy to learn and write and web developers can easily write code in JavaScript for both the server & client. JavaScript makes it convenient for transferring data between the client & the server that works simultaneously.

No Learning Curves Involved

As we have discussed above that it’s easy to learn node.js and you don’t have to go through the complex syntax learning & grasping procedures since the node is based on JavaScript.

Node.js developers will find it flexible to learn, code, develop, & deploy scalable node apps on multiple platforms such as Windows & UNIX. Even it’s easy to learn for beginners as well and can easily develop some robust applications.

Best for Developing Real-Time Web Apps

Node.js helps you to build real-time web applications at a light speed for making simple blog sites in Chat apps, gaming apps. The event-driven architecture serves both client and server-side codes written in JavaScript.

Allow Data Streaming

Web developers know that HTTP request & response are two separate events where developers can take benefits of data streams such as processing files at the time of loading & creation of the attributes, it also reduces the duration of the data transmission process.

NPM Enterprise

NPM enables programmers to install, update, & utilize smaller modules of open-source software packages. It makes the process much easier without any complexity for developers to build apps from scratch.

Developers can avoid writing complex coding layers by simply twisting the code lines as per their requirements. The major benefit is that a plethora of Node.js libraries & apps are published on npm, and several are added every day.


The demand for web hosting is increased and Node.js is one of the most popular and in-demand platforms from the past few years. PaaS service providers like Heroku and Modulus are allowing the deployment of node.js without any problem for your web hosting needs.

Cross-Platform Ensures Flexibility

As Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript platform, it offers the maximum flexibility in terms of hosting it on any server. Since Node application can be implemented on multiple platforms and that gives multiple options to the developers.

Useful for Clients

Node.js has the support of a huge open source community that delivers outstanding modules that work everywhere such as It maintains the constant communication between the client & the server and allows them to send real-time updates to each other.

Proxy Server

Node provides the best solution for the proxy server and it also works as a Proxy to the firms that do not have the proper infrastructure for proxy needs.

Benefits of Caching

As Node.js provides the open-source platform, developers can enjoy the benefit of caching single modules as well. When you request for the first modules, it will get cached automatically on the app’s memory.

It enables developers to load web pages faster as they don’t have to re-execute the codes. Also, users can navigate through these applications swiftly because of Node.js high responding speed.


From the above discussion, it’s clear that Node.js is much popular among startups and provides you many more benefits that is the reason why big giants like PayPal, Netflix, Microdot, and eBay are using Node as a feature-rich app development framework today. Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. is the Best NodeJS development company & our dedicated Node.js developers are technology-conscious and can be a helping hand for your several projects of web Development.