How technology is optimizing coworking space environment

Change is the only constant thing in the world. The working world has itself transformed vigorously with the changing needs and demands of the workers and the management. One of the most important and outstanding milestones is the inception of coworking spaces. These are the hubs of ‘coworking, not literally but in the sense that they essentially promote socialization and expansion of professional contacts and learning from each other.

There are hundreds of coworking spaces in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. established in India alone. Technology, a century ago was a word rarely spoken, even rarely understood. It was a small virtual world with almost no contribution to the real world. To the utmost contrast to this, no realm of the present-day world remains untouched by this technology. The ‘little real’ world is now an escape from the virtual world that gulps in every single person that comes in its way.

It is an unending debate whether technology is a boon or a bane. However, there is no doubt that technology has made our life easier. So, did it ease people’s working lives. Coworking spaces too are optimized by technology. Here’s how:

Wi-Fi Optimization and internet connectivity

In today’s uber-connected times, coworking spaces need to provide fast and reliable wireless internet connectivity. The best perk of technology is that it provides an uninterrupted and seamless supply of internet connectivity. A few years ago, this happened only through cables, now just like cashless transactions, internet connectivity has gone wireless. This is extremely essential in plug and play because many solopreneurs and freelancers work over the internet, without which they are rendered unproductive. The concept of technology and internet is so intertwined that they are used more or less synonymously.

Advanced building access & Conference room bookings

All coworking spaces have one thing in common. They are aimed to utilise any given space to its fullest potential. Technology also provides a metric of how the space in coworking centre is being used, therefore increasing the body of knowledge, better decision-making and improving layout designs. Another major issue at coworking centres is booking of conference rooms and meeting halls. Manual booking is often a reason of confusion and ambiguity. Therefore, doing it online will reduce this chaos.

Enhanced communication

In an organisation, what plays important is clarity in communication. Informed employee is an asset to the organisation. In the context of coworking, dissemination of information includes the rules, timings, changes in rules, seating, event planning and other such related activities. The use of technology for communication can be most effective because it leaves nobody untouched and reduces the risk of misinformation through word of mouth.

Flexibility and agility

With the world being hit by corona, the dependency on technology has increased for reasons known. Using technology for video calls, conferences, meetings and discussions is a viable option. Coworking spaces must use virtual reality and cloud meeting apps to ensure the coworkers are still able to report to work even through reaching the physical plug and play centre is not possible.

Digitalization of workflows

Gone are the days when office tables were messy with loads of files piling upon one another. Now it has come down to a single slim system and a chip of a size of a fingernail that contains data. This has given convenience to the workers to have a clear and neat surrounding, allowing them to focus on their work rather than the mess that can drain them of their energy. The printer has reduced the work of 4 people to milliseconds.


Another classic addition to this list is biometric attendance. Technology has changed the way in which absenteeism of an employee is measured, increasing transparency and systemisation.

Automated CRM and feedback

Feedback is very important in the proper functioning of any unit. Client relationship management is a tool used for this. Coworking spaces can exploit this to optimize their services. Most CRM systems helps to collect member data, streamline the engagement and payment processes, and they can nurture connections with leads and existing customers.

Coworking spaces like iKeva are flexible in nature. They have the ability to suit to the needs of its inhabitants. However, there is always a scope of improvement. The shared office spaces can be optimized and improved by making use of the latest technology on hand. Coworking and technology make a fabulous concoction, delivering best services and enhancing the experience of all involved.