How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude And English Language

SSC is an organization owned by the Government of India to recruit the candidates for various jobs in the ministries or departments under the group ‘B’ and group ‘C’. There are three examinations which are popular and they are conducted by SSC for various candidates of different educational stages such as 10th level, 12th level, and graduate level.

This article is going to cover the basics of Quantitative Aptitude and English language. There so many SSC coaching online where you can learn the best techniques to excel in SSC Examinations.

If you’re looking for an online test series for ssc cgl 2017 then this would be the right place you have arrived. The following are the basics of Quantitative Aptitude and English language and how to top in this section:

Quantitative Ability:

The quantitative ability is an important section of the SSC examinations; according to the online preparation for ssc for cracking SSC CGL at least you need to have command over this section. If you’re well and good in maths and reasoning then you can possibly crack the SSC easily because English and General Knowledge are mostly confusing. The things to remember in this section while studying:

  • Prefer doing an online preparation for SSC particularly for this section so you can try to solve as many questions as possible as it will give you a good command over the subject.
  • This section has more formulas. Make notes of them while studying through each and every chapter, it will help you in tracking the various formulae related to the chapters later for the revision.
  • Don’t focus on understanding each formula, if you’re not able to understand the formula just mug up with it because sometimes SSC will ask direct questions.
  • Make the habit of calculating in mind as much as fast as possible as it is going to save a lot of your time.
  • The repetition of the previous question papers is again suggested for this section also as the SSC will ask mostly from the previous question papers.

English Language:

You don’t have to be afraid of this subject as most of the students are, sometimes the questions are confusing in this section. You’re never sure of the correct answer but don’t waste much time thinking about a single question whatever seems correct just mark it and go ahead.

  • Increase your vocabulary first, the examiner wants to understand the ability of your vocabulary in this section. One word substitutions, replacements, phrases, homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms etc are the basic things to focus on.
  • Grammar is also one another important thing to consider in this section, go through the basics of grammar perfectly to excel easily in this section.
  • Reading newspapers and novel will help you in a great way as it helps you in understanding the sentence formations and errors in the sentence.
  • To excel in the descriptive part, try to write at least one letter or application or essay every day. The art of writing is all about increasing the word limit with expressing your idea.

Apart from these subjects if you’re applying for any other post like specialized positions such as Junior engineer or Statistical Officer etc then you need to go through a paper-based material of your subject. You need to repeat the simple step to top the SSC exam that is study then revise and practice!