Immediate Steps to set up your Business during Corona Virus

The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading at a fast pace and under such circumstances, a lot of business owners are unsure about how to mitigate risk, secure employees and render services to their customers. There are several recommendations of how to work from home during corona virus. Here are some major points and steps that a businessman should take.

Opt for a distant work platform

With a lot of people already working from home, business owners should use tools and take steps to keep their team in touch even if they are not working under one roof. Execute a remote work policy which makes your team online available for you and communicate via video call, mail or Slack and explain the job profile of each team member.

Cut down meetings and travel

Have minimum exposure to virus. Postpone all meetings or organize them online. Don’t travel for any conferences and meetings.

Offer employees flexibility

If you want to want to start a business, do it online. You can also hire your employees online from freelancer. Make sure you give complete flexibility to your workers. Try to be understanding and whether you are short-staffed or not, learn how to manage it. If you want to know how to earn money from home online, then hiring employees online is the first step towards it.

Have transparency with your customers

With this kind of crisis all over the world, you should have a transparent business idea. Customers empathize with a brand which communicates openly.  Don’t hide behind the scenes. Your customers will the service you render, even in such a catastrophe. Describe the initiatives you have taken to mitigate risk to help the community.

Keep your sales strategy to online

As the storefronts are shut down and workers are in place, as a savvy business owner, you should have an online sales strategy to offer right services to people. For instance, the cosmetic companies in Wuhan have closed over 40% of their stores and opted for digital platforms like WeChat to engage people virtually and start online sales. So, if you want to know how to start an online business during coronavirus, then going online for all your products and services is the best option. Choose any social media platform and promote it in the right way to gain the attention of your potential buyers.

If you have discontinued your physical store, then look out for ways to keep your employees to earn their paycheck by selling on social media.

Look out for long term strategies

Though different economies are looking for their own ways to recover their economic losses, the corona virus has taken the whole world down creating a ripple effect. So, only work from home is the best option to lower its impact on your revenue. It has had a 30% impact on the supply chain.

Talk to your suppliers, partners and investors about your online business proposal and learn how to start a business online. It may take some time but your business will make a global presence online.