Importance Of Learning Chinese

Are you currently trying to decide whether you should learn Chinese ? If you are teetering on the edge of deciding to take lessons then maybe the information on this page will push you right over. Here I want to discuss how important it is to learn Chinese in this day and age.

Mandarin Chinese is the most popular first language in the world.

It is spoken by over one billion people across the globe, most of who are of course still based in China. Now, most speakers of Chinese do learn English as well, however to me there is something ever so thrilling about being able to speak to people in their native language. Those people tend to give you a lot more appreciation if you have taken the time to really learn how to speak to them.

China is very quickly becoming a world superpower.

In fact, in the future it is predicted that it may overtake America when it comes to the size of the economy. This means more and more businesses are starting to take note of opportunities found in China. In fact, nowadays you will be hard-pressed to find a company which does not have some form of operation in China. What does this mean for you? Well, employers are looking for people who can help take their company to the next level.

Practice makes perfect

What you practice is just as important as how often you practice, too. You should start with simple phrases that you can manipulate into other questions and meanings by attaching possessives and basic verbs. This allows for you to learn a basic understanding on how to carry a conversation, so that you may move onto complex meanings later.

Once you have a good foundation and a good grasp on pronunciation and sentence flow, you can then start to really pick up speed by having a native Chinese speaking tutor teach and converse with you to build your vocabulary bit by bit. The best way to learn a foreign language, of course, is to visit the country itself and immerse yourself in the culture and have regular exposure to the language.

If you are constantly using the language, you are going to be more confident and more able to absorb more of what you’re learning. This is the fastest way to learn the Chinese language, especially when you combine the intricate art of writing in Chinese. What is normally overwhelming to new learners, becomes second nature to those who use these methods of learning.

If you learn Chinese then you are a much better employment prospect.

In short, if you know this language then you are much more likely to secure the positions of your dreams…particularly in the larger industries. This all down a drive from the Chinese government to get more people learning Chinese to an effective standard and giving them the skills that they need to thrive in the world marketplace. I am sure that by 2020 the business world will be greatly different to the business world of today. I am sure it will be mainly dominated by Chinese imports and exports.

English, whilst the dominant language for business, has become less and less important over the years. Whilst it is unlikely that it will ever stop being the main language for business, most companies are finding that a great deal of business is actually coming from Chinese-speaking countries. This sort of ties in with the previous point. If you learn Chinese then you are opening up your business to a number of different ways of making money.

Chinese is fast becoming adopted as one of the main languages throughout Asia.

This means well-beyond China. Again this is fantastic for both businesses as well as tourists who will likely be heading to those areas. It will really help increase your understanding of the culture.

Of course, if you are not into the world of business it is still a great idea to learn Chinese. It is brilliant amounts of fun and will almost certainly be one of those languages that you can put to good use.