The iPhone is the most preferred gadget of the teens. But teenage being characterized by an adrenaline rush and rebellious behavior, there is every possibility that your teen might place himself in a very difficult position.

Texting while driving, attending phones while driving, making calls during classes, inappropriate access to websites are the common misuse of the iPhone by teens. As a parent, you are very much worried about your teen’s activities and are on the lookout for a way by which you can track the activities of your teen’s iPhone without his knowledge. You can make use of invisible monitoring spy apps to track their iPhone activities.

Teen Tracker

Teens are most prone to road accidents due to their habit of using their cell phones while driving. The usage of mobiles during driving doubles the risk of accidents. It is better to be safe than sorry. By installing Teen Tracker, you can monitor the movement of the vehicle in real time and also be informed of the direction and speed. You will be intimated if your teen has over speeded or was using the phone while driving.


This invisible app allows you to locate your teen. By installing the Find–U app on your teen’s iPhone, you can make use of the parental controls in the software to set it on your teen’s iPhone. The app comes in with a tutorial which will help you to install easily and also derive the maximum potential from the tracking software.

iPhone Monitoring software

iPhone monitoring software offers a convenient and foolproof way of tracking your teen’s iPhone. By installing such software on the iPhone, it will act as a spyware and allow tracking of your teen’s activities. The USP of an iPhone monitoring software is its functionality in the invisible mode. Popular iPhone monitoring software like Mobile Spy, Mob stealth, Flexi Spy and Stealth genie have features that help you to track your teen’s without their knowledge. You can make use of such cell phone spy software and track your teens. Once the monitoring software has been installed, it will function secretly and discretely transfer the recorded information so that you can review the same by accessing a user account remotely.

The monitoring software allows to:

Track location: By making use of the GPS tracking feature, you can easily locate your teen’s location. You can also make use of the geo fencing feature to alert if your teen crosses the specified geographical boundary. You can also ensure that your teen does not enter any prohibited territory by pre-defining the locations he should not visit.

Track all calls, emails and texts: The monitoring software maintains a detailed log of all calls made or received through the iPhone, all inbound and outbound mails and detailed contents of all texts allowing you to know if your teen has indulged in any wrong doings.

Track browsing history: By reviewing the browser log, you can monitor the activities of your teen over the internet and restrict his access if found to be accessing prohibited sites.

There are many such iPhone monitoring apps which function invisibly. You can make use of them and monitor your teen’s activities.