Kobi Kamhaji: The Widest Concern For Online Diamond Trading

A normal man just cannot tell whether a shiny stone piece is diamond or not. It requires ample skill and a great deal of experience to buy a quality diamond from a trader. Anyone can fool you if you do not know how to recognize a real diamond.  Kobi Kamhaji aims at imparting you best quality real diamonds at lowest possible rates.


The expert trader tests diamonds in various ways and then brings them in the market for selling them to you.  Kobi Kamhaji reveals few way through which you can find out whether the bought diamond is a genuine piece or not:

  • Certification: GIA certified diamonds are the most reliable and the best quality across the world. The gemological institute is situated at USA. It is a non-profit institute which was mainly established for safeguarding the buyer and seller while trading in gems. The company has issued certain norms and standards which the diamond piece has to abide by in order to get certified. Kobi Kamhaji ensures that it gives you best quality GIA certified diamonds only.
  • There is difference between diamond and gold: Kobi Kamhaji states that diamonds have different properties than gold has. The investments done in diamonds must not be compared to the investments done in gold as they have different qualities, symmetries and rates. it is always advisable for you to resort for an expert advice before you invest in diamond for attaining profits as a common man has no idea whether the worth paid for a diamond piece is genuine or not.
  • Color: there are different grades of diamonds as per their colors. For instance; F class diamonds are regarded as the best while E and D are regarded well. The clearer the diamond is the better quality it has.
  • Cut: amongst multiple tips for judging a real diamond, one is its cut and shape. An ideal diamond is deep, shall and hexagonal in shape.

Along with observing the following points, you can also check out the online videos by Kobi Kamhaji for knowing the quality of trade done by it. The actual process of judging, polishing and making jewelry out of them can be viewed by one online. No matter whether you desire investing in diamonds for earning profits or for using them personally, Kobi Kamhaji shall assist you in either case.