Meir Ezra: The man of multi laurels

The now septuagenarian Meir Ezra has grown to this level and earned many laurels through his many business ventures and “Exit This Way” techniques.

meirHis software towards the low cost wireless solution for automated fueling serves the anticipations of the fleet owners by plugging the tendency of the depot staff or drivers to indulge in the major problem of any possible fraud. It enables the fleet owners to gain dependable remote control over the efficient fuel usage, behavior of the drivers and fleet maintenance. For the fuel companies, this programme is beneficial by first maintaining the customer loyalty and increasing the same and also increasing the profitability.

His TimeMaker Company has invented another fantastic tool – revolutionary software, revolving around the email, packed with more features than its primary functions. These features will arm any manager and worker to organize their plans and tasks and ensure control over the affairs and activities of his company and thus increase the efficiency and productivity.

When you think of any development in business, you may count upon the highly experience entrepreneur and motivator Meir Ezra. He has developed expertise over many management and administration related functions like consultancies, new ventures, business deals, placement offers, etc. He has developed his skills in more than 50different areas like business, software, motivation, consultancy, marketing, ecommerce, advertisement, etc., to name a few. The outcome of the participation in his seminars will pave the way to make possible the impossible.

Besides the business activities, he is the fond lover of his wife and his three beloved children. He is a philanthropist, having donated huge dollars for various charitable purposes and also contributed his otherwise valuable time for this noble cause. He naturally is an expert public speaker, turning the lives of many businessmen into meaningful ones – both on the personal side and business ventures.

Meir Ezra is the firm believer that for any failure in business or personal life, lack of ability towards planning is the primary reasons. His programmes are aimed at removing this hurdle and improve planning strategies.