Netherland opens extra-large Corona Test Centers

On a random day, the sky above the largest sea port of Europe was covered with planes. But in comparison to last year, Rotterdam, the Hague Airport reported around 75% of its two million travellers.

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Even the hugely populated parking lot at the terminals now stands empty. The airport along with regional health authority is looking forward to join forces and change the vacant areas to a Corona testing facility.

The international airport is one of extra-large locations constructed around the nation. Every site can offer PCR tests, along with rapid tests being included soon, meaning the patient will get the results in just two hours or less.

The project is managed by Saskia Baas. Being the general director of GGD of the Rotterdam Region, she is responsible for the health of 1.3 million people. She stated that the government has taken the initiative, but the construction is their duty. She is responsible for the carte blanche to do everything it takes.

The construction at the airport has begun and workers are installing booths. The IT construction is in place and routing has laid. The people going out of the center will never see people coming inside.

The complete testing procedure right from entrance to exit will not take more than 3-minutes. When running, this big Covid-19 testing facility will get around 10000 people per day.

Till now, the hospitals and the GGDs did the test, but the construction of the site is a public private initiative. Businesses are developing the infrastructure of offering workforce. Soon the defense ministry will appoint military personnel to guard the test lanes.

A lot of people are getting hired, along with the medical staff. Usually, it is an organization of 100 people for corona, they are employing around 1000 people.

Previously, another gigantic scale center opened in Groningen, sited in the north of the nation. There will be more opening soon before the end of the year. The standard centers of the nation are also adding to their capacity.

The XL testing centers will remain operational till the coming summers and will prove to be a major weapon to fight against Corona. But even if the virus is contained in the coming time, the XL centers will continue to work to deliver the vaccines.

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