Pocket Knife Top Ten Reasons For Buying

We are all familiar with the tiny weapon that is used all too much in many action movies. Villains use pocket knives to threaten their victims and heroes use them to set people free. But it is not only relevant to action-packed situations that happen in dire circumstances. A pocket knife is perhaps one of the most versatile blades that are both a weapon and a handy tool in one.

You might wonder how a single blade can be such a useful tool for an ordinary person. There are in fact many tasks you can accomplish with pocket knives. If you haven’t had the chance to properly use pocket knives before, here are ten ways they can make your life easier.

  1. If you have a pocket knife at home you can use it for menial housework. You can cut fruit, meat, vegetables, and all kinds of food with it.
  2. You can open tough packages with it without having to wrestle with the layers of tape and stickers. The same is the case with mail and letters, use a Pocket Knife rather than a letter opener.
  3. During camping, a pocket knife is a sole blade that accomplishes everything. You can cut the rope for tents, dig holes, forage herbs and food and make kindling for firewood.
  4. Carving and whittling are also easily done with pocket knives. As they are easy to use and small, they don’t strain your hands.
  5. Self-grooming is made convenient with a good pocket knife. When you’re outdoors, you can use your blade to shave, cut your hair and nails, and loose threads from clothes.
  6. Arts and crafts projects require a lot of cutting and shaping. Pocket knives are the perfect size to use as they are small but safer than razors cutters.
  7. In professional or domestic electrical work, pocket knives work as multi-purpose tools. They can cut wires, screw bolts, clean rust, and pry open tough circuit boards.
  8. Speaking of prying open things, pocket knives are also perfect for shucking oysters, opening clamshell packs, and jimmying stuck locks.
  9. In emergencies like car accidents, you can use a pocket knife to cut victims out of crashed vehicles. You can also cut stuck belts off choking victims and leashes off stuck pets to free them.
  10. Most importantly, a small pocket knife is handy for self-defense. If you’re attacked, you can draw a pocket knife to fend off predators, harassers, and robbers and ensure your safety.

What Are The Best Pocket Knives To Buy?

It is of course the need that determines the best tool. But when it comes to pocket knives, there are literally hundreds of perfect options to choose from. If you need one for personal use or to keep on you for emergencies, there is a knife that suits your purpose. Here are some top-selling pocket knives for sale:

  • Tac Force 4.6 Inch Black Bolster Spring Assisted Knife Pakka Wood;

Complete with a black steel bolster and pocket clip, this handy knife is stylish and handy to take anywhere you want.

●      ABS Handle Master USA Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Black Serrated;

You know are set for a weekend camping trip when you have this beautiful blade. It features a semi-serrated blade and a pocket clip for easy everyday carriage.

●      Elk Ridge Ballistic Spring Assisted Opening Knife – Brown Pakkawood Handle;

The thick drop-point blade of this spring assisted knife ensures convenient to use with one hand in emergencies.  The brown pakkawood handle also makes it durable and firm to hold.

●      Master Tanto Knife Spring Assisted Knife Black Gray Handle;

The injection handle of this tanto knife ensures a solid grip. The anodized aluminum overlay protects the blade from wear and tear and keeps it durable for messy tasks.

●      Elk Ridge Ballistic 4.5 Inch Spring Assisted Knife Brown Pakka Wood;

This simplistic Elk Ridge blade comes with a finger bump that makes it comfortable to use. It is also easily concealable in small spaces and is an excellent self-defense weapon.

Where To Get Cheap Pocket Knives?

If you are under the impression that you can’t get cool pocket knives on a budget, you needn’t worry anymore.

It is actually quite easy to find cheap knives that suit your work and also fulfill the quality criteria. Knife Import is the answer to all your knife-buying problems. Select the perfect blade from their collection of wholesale knives that will keep your wallet intact. Pay competitive market price without lowering your standards of high-quality knives, with the added luxury of direct delivery to your doorstep.