Quick, Effective And Budget Friendly DIYs For New Year Celebration

Hey, guys, New Year is on the way, it is coming at high speed. And we all know, nowadays, the whole world is suffering from a crisis because of a pandemic. It is difficult to go outside for shopping. And at the same time, our pocket is also tight, because of this pandemic. But it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Don’t worry, this year we will also celebrate New Year with the same enthusiasm. In fact, this year, we all should celebrate it at a great level. After all, this year is finally going. So the celebration is obvious, and it will change the mind and atmosphere. But now, you will say how can we celebrate the New Year, we can’t do the big gathering, and also don’t have much money.  So don’t worry, I have a solution to everything. You can celebrate the New Year with your family, close friends, and special ones. So there is no risk of gathering. The shopping you can do online, and you will get a discount also. And yes, today I will give you some DIY so your pocket will be safe.

DIY for New Year cake

As we all know without a happy new year cake, how can we celebrate New Year? So for this problem, I have two DIYs. First DIY, order new year cake online, from any trusted e-commerce site. And during Christmas and New Year, you will get a big discount on your favorite flavor. The second DIY, bake a order cakes in Bangalore at your home with chocolate cream biscuits or normal biscuits. It will save a huge amount. You can cut brownies instead of cake also. And yes, halwa is also a good option.

DIY for decoration flowers

Without adding flowers in the decorations. The decoration looks incomplete and dull. So for this, you can do two things which will save you money and time. You have to take kids’ help, tell them to make flowers from chart paper, and then cut it and paste on the wall. You can make wax flowers at your home. And yes, if you want to add fresh flowers in your decor. You can use your garden flowers. This will be a great option for you. If in your garden, there are no such decorative flowers. Now the best option in this situation is online. Search for the cheap flower delivery in Bangalore, and order. Your problem is solved.

DIY for lights

As we all know, nowadays lighting decorations are too costly. So this will be the perfect DIY for you. Use some twinkling lights, for the wall decoration, and yes some aroma candles. But now, you will say what about the lamps. So for this, I have a solid DIY. Take the wine glass, ice cream eating bowl, or any beautiful glass utensils. Take some watercolors, I am sure it will be available in your child’s stationery. If you don’t have one, buy it from a nearby store. It is easily accessible everywhere at a minimum price. Paint the glass with watercolor. I mean, make some design with it, you can just do multi colors dot also. And here is your lamp ready. Add aroma candles in it, and your decoration is done. To make it more beautiful and aromatic. Order some fresh rose and other flowers from the nearby florist in Bangalore. Fill some water in the bowl, and add some flower petals in the bowl. After that put the aroma candle in it. And here is where your lighting decorations are done.

DIY for New Year gifts

New Year without New Year gifts is like eating mango without the crunch of mango. I know, gifts are too costly nowadays, and it is difficult to afford. But at the same time, it is important to give. So for this, I have quick DIY. Make some New Year cards at home for the gift. You can make and send new year flower bouquets to your loved ones. Order fresh flowers online, it will be cheap and make a bouquet yourself. Gift handmade paintings, hand-printed t-shirt, Wax flowers, permanent marker mug, etc. There are many more things you can give.

Hope these DIYs will make my happiness double. Your work and expenditure half. And yes, all these DIYs are safe, and hygiene. Now, don’t waste time and energy. Because there are lots of things you have to do for the New Year celebration. Go make a list and start working. And yes, use these DIYs, I am sure it will be very helpful for you all.