Record Computer Screen without Software

Do you own an old computer and do not want to download a lot of programs on it due to the lack of resources for your computer? There are many video recording programs for the computer, including free and paid ones. But if your device does not bear many programs and you have work that you want to do, it’s not a problem. All you have to do is find a way to record computer screen video without software.

The solution is simple. Just use some websites specialized in this field. There is no equal to the great and free RecordCast website. I’m glad to be here with you, my friends, sharing a new and very useful tool in this article. The tool RecordCast will help you record your computer screen without software. And you can edit the recording video easily with its built-in video editor.

Today, we will mention the best features of this wonderful site and how you can benefit from it fully. Let’s not get too long and head straight to the best computer screen capture website.

Record computer screen for free

RecordCast is not just a regular tool that enables you to capture your computer screen. You can even shoot anything you want on your computer screen or laptop with ease and without the need to register on the website or pay any cent. Just go to the site and start recording your computer screen by clicking “Start Recording.”

Then you can choose a recording mode from the options of Screen, Webcam, or both at the same time. Then decide the recording audio. You have the choices to use Microphone + System audio, or use one of them separately or disable all audio. After choosing the recording audio, it’s time to decide to record the whole screen or an application window, or a Chrome tab. Everything has been set. Clicking the Share button, you are recording now. Here you can stop, pause/continue recording anytime you like. At last, click the red stop button to stop recording.

Beautify recording with the video editor

Not satisfied with the recording? Continue editing it with the RecordCast’s video editor. It allows you to add photos, text, background music and many more to your recordings.

After completing the registration, you can move to the other section of the site, which is the video editing section, meaning you can modify the video through this site in an easy way. And the most important thing is that it is free and you will not need to download any programs.

You can benefit from this wonderful site in many things, the most important of which is recording the games you play on your computer or something on your browser, whether it is Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, you can capture your Windows screen or any application on your computer. You can even shoot from your webcam at the same moment you photograph your computer screen, which is really cool.

Features of the free screen recorder

  • Record computer screen with ease.
  • Record any application or game running on your computer.
  • Record the screen of any tab of your Chrome browser. You can specify a tab.
  • The screencast can be export in high quality.
  • After completion, you can directly edit the video on the same site as well.
  • You can download your video without a watermark.
  • The video editing section is very excellent and gives you all the basic tools for creating visual content.
  • You can register on the site for free and save your projects for reference again.
  • After you stop recording, you can go back to recording.
  • Record a computer screen up to 30 minutes at a time, which is a very good time.
  • You can select the audio recording source, whether it is from the microphone or from the computer, or both.
  • Record video without sound.
  • The site is completely free and does not display any kind of ads.


In case you want to capture some video games or explain some things on your computer screen or record the screen for a specific application or specific tab on the Chrome browser, you can rely on RecordCast greatly. All of these things are available to you. You can also edit your video and then download it to your computer without downloading any other software. Try it out now.