The Five Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Social Worker

A group of individuals who constantly interacts socially within a geographical or territorial boundary forms a society. The society we live in comprises of different types of people with different types of issues. There are many problems in our society which impacts the community as social ills. Although there are laws and rules to deal with these problems by the government, still negligence happens for many reasons. Thus the need for social worker arises.

A social worker is an individual or a group of people who work for the betterment of the society by dealing with the various social cause and evils. There are numerous organizations all over the world to deal with these problems.

To work as a social worker one needs to have the zeal to work for the greater cause of a better world for everyone to live in irrespective of race, caste, creed, and class. It is a challenging field with a gratifying career. There are certain secrets which asocial worker never wants to reveal. People working in the field of social work never come to know about these before they start working.

Firstly, a social worker never gets sufficient resources for a certain cause they work for. Therefore it limits the course they want to help people with. They have to accept this fact as this problem they may face throughout their career. They have to learn to creatively facilitate people they are working for within the resources available.

Secondly, working in this challenging field of social work, often leave individuals exhausted. The heavy amount of emotional labor and the enthusiasm to go that extra mile to help the distressed in need lead to drain out the persons. They must always monitor and keep one’s own physical and mental health proper in order to help others.

Thirdly, a social worker often gets emotionally attached to the problems they are dealing with which can make them worrisome especially working in a violent or abusive environment which can even involve children. A social worker should always keep his mind steady and must remember that he is doing everything that can be done for the purpose they are serving.

Fourthly, while working in this field the personal and social life of the social workers face interruptions & obstacles. They are unable to give sufficient time to their friends and family. You cannot expect to have particular job hours while working in this field. You may need to act according to the needs of the hours. This often leads to hampering the personal and social life of that person.

Fifthly, a social worker is not always paid as they want. You have to be ready to work wholeheartedly for long hours with mediocre pay.

These challenges are faced by social workers no matter how long they have worked in this field. However, every individual who intends to join this field must not get disheartened about these hitches rather it should motivate them to work passionately out of their love for the people.