The Right Way To Dispose Used Engine Oil

One might pay least attention the oil in the car and probably unaware of the crucial role it plays in keeping the car on the road. Proper lubrication of moving parts in the engine as well as smooth functioning of interconnected vehicle system helps you journey safely while keeping the engine from seizing without any warning.

That said, motor oil tends to corrode with all the dirt it picks up overtime and changes in the chemical composition which diminishes its performance. This is the reason keeping a close check and replacing oil is essential. Here’re some tips to help you identify when the car oil needs to be disposed and replaced in safest possible way.

Know when to change

You might’ve just checked the dipstick and found the oil level is perfect, probably assuming that it mustn’t be replaced. You may be wrong as oil level wouldn’t tell anything about the foreign particles and dirt it might be carrying which would decline its effectiveness.

Colour and appearance of the oil must be checked where new/fresh oil appears transparent and light brown. Overtime, it takes on a darker tone, loses transparency and slowly becomes more viscous. This is primary indication of replacing the oil whereas significantly dark or blackish appearance is a warning that you’re motor oil replacement is overdue.

Owner’s manual

Your car manual or user-guide has all the details including number of miles after which oil change and necessary BMW service in Dubai is a must to keep the vehicle in best condition. Vehicle manufacturers mostly advice replacing the oil once the car covers approximately 3,000 miles. Lubricants nowadays have improved to a significant extent which keeps the car running longer whereas built-in alert system in modern cars would let you know when its high-time to dispose and replace the motor oil.

The tell-tale signs

Then there’re tell-tale signs that would suggest when the car’s in need of new oil. In case there’s a leak which drops the oil level requires imminent change as well as essential BMW service in Dubai to fix the damage thus preventing the leakage. In case your car’s making too much noise when turning ON the engine, it’s another hint asking you to replace the oil and indicates to rubbing of the moving parts against each other.

The expert service

If you’re unsure of when’s the engine oil needs replacement, ask the expert to perform necessary checks since you might be taking unnecessary risk by ignoring the essential performance check. And, leaving it too long can prove detrimental for both the vehicle and the driver.

Dealing with the used oil

While it’s better to call an expert auto service when removing the used oil, there’re times when you might be stuck in the situation, unaware of what to do! Remember that this liquid can be dangerous and polluting if it isn’t tackled properly so be sure taking extra care and proceed with the right items. Always carry an oil split kit to deal with unexpected oily situations on the road and keep a plastic or metal container in which to dispose the oil. Be sure the container is clean and shouldn’t mix with various automotive chemicals.