How HRMS can Prepare Your Business for 2020 Race

During 2020, internal business operations are checked for any unfamiliar flaws. This simple practice ensures no mistakes are repeated to the next year. And business performs even better.

A business can succeed based on two things. One is performing employees, and the second thing is an effective HR department. Skilled employees can make up a better workplace.

But, HR people who keep in touch with technological trends and advancements tend to boost productivity and outcome at any business.  When you start to shiver, it hints you that the weather is cold.

When it’s too dark inside the room, you know its time to switch ON the lights. But, in the case of HRD, how would you know its time to invest in HR solutions? Well, this article is all about tell-tale signs your business may be lacking an HRMS software.

So, let’s not waste more time and get straight into what we are here for. Depicted below are 5 such warning signs-

You have been Spending too much Time on Unprofitable

As a business concerned person, you can’t run from the fact that there lies plenty of responsibilities on profits, ROI, branding, and market respect. But, what if your business is lacking much behind in HR?

You got no time to invest in solving HR problems. They could rather be sorted with the help of any business or dedicated HR solution like HRMS. Looking into HR problems like failing to hire experienced candidates, and so on may take you off the track from fruitful or profitable things, which you must be into.

Integrating an HRMS system with your HR department can solve such problems. This lets you focus on prior activities.

Unable to Manage Workforce

If this is an issue, the workforce at your enterprise must have exceeded HR capabilities. The HR team must be falling short for the increasing employee count. An obvious solution can be hiring a new HR professional. But keeping their pay in mind, subscribing to an HRMS software could be a better option. Isn’t it? You can find a lot of HR software providers with their pricing plans listed on their website.

A feature-packed and efficient HRM software can make workforce management and retention very easy.

Unsustainable Operational Expenses

Are the operational costs taking a toll at management? Such unbearable costs can sink the entire business if necessary action not taken. , an HR system can help you lower your pain-points and save you money.

Paper-based tasks often invite errors that end up costing you real money and time-wasted is the cherry on the cake. But, HRMS’ automated functionality prevents you from such pains and what most important is the healthy bottom line.

Not able to Cope up with Compliance

Statutory compliance is what most businesses deal with. Taxation is something which comprises of a lot of crucial components. This brings in possibilities for errors and finally, the accounts department is what suffers.

Whereas, HRMS system which is compliant in nature helps organizations in performing foolproof calculations prior to laws and rules.

Employee Retention is the Biggest Ache

This is one of those signs which most of you would see eye to eye. Sourcing candidates (in fact skilled ones) can be achieved by better tools or practices. But, retaining them for a longer time could be a bigger concern.

Employees stay because businesses are successful in their employee engagement activities. How could an HRMS contribute to employee engagement? There are a lot of HR software which include ESS (Employee self-service portal) as an extra module.

The portal helps employees apply and track their leave requests on the go through their hand-held devices. Timely payroll is also a contribution towards winning their employees’ trust.

Hence, if you had come across such incidents or familiar to them before, you know what could be the consequences and where is the painkiller! HRMS is the universal solution to all the HR problems which also asks minimal investment.

Hope the blog helps you. Wish you a productive year ahead!

Author bio

Ritik Singh writes about HRMS (on-premise and cloud-based). A young passionate content creator who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based  HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.