The role of a Gynaecologist in prolonging the female reproductive health

Sound health of the female reproductive system is not only vital for childbirth but even for the overall fitness of a female body. Hence, gynaecology is to be taken very seriously in modern times. This medicine education is extremely important as gynaecological ailments are multiplying by the day. Certain difficulties in the female reproductive system can be enough worrying as they require surgical intervention. For instance, if a patient is tolerating of too many ovarian cysts then chances are that they run the risk of contracting either ovarian or breast cancer. In case of breast cancer, an operation shall involve breasts removal whereas the surgery for breast removal or Mastectomy needs deliberate medical interference.

Females who live under the threat of breast cancer owing to their family history where one of the parent or sibling is known to have been a victim of the disease, must get their mastectomies done prior to getting detected with symptoms. This has to be decided so in a way of eliminating chances for contracting anything bad. A good gynecologist near me also performs surgeries like appendectomy – an operation which is carried in the appendix of the patient when the organ is a location for endometriosis. Endometriosis can be seen as a condition where the tissue that is supposed to grow in the uterus area also grows elsewhere.

The role of male versus female Gynaecologist

Whether Male gynecologist or a female gynecologist, a good doctor is all of empathy, experience and training. It is further about how a patient cooperates with his/her doctor. A good medical experience with one’s gynecologist is a two way street, definitely not a one way. So, are lady gynecologists in hyderabad better than male gynecologists? It all depends on the experience and training received by the gynecologist, though a lady gynecologist is usually more preferable given the reticent nature of women, especially in India. Hence, a lot of women are quite comfortable with a lady gynecologist given the empathetic feeling where “only a woman can truly understand another woman’s problems!”.

What is it about Gynecology and Gynecologists?

Gynecology is the branch of medicine which is about the female reproductive health at all ages and stages of a woman. It encompasses the general health and ailments associated with vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and even the breasts. Gynecologists are the doctors who are specialists in this field of medicine and who were committed to laying their focus on caring the patient with specific emphasis on the female reproductive system, containing routine primary and preventive care, pregnancy and delivery, menopause, and medical or surgical management of all gynecological issues.

A good gynecologist in hyderabad provides a full range of basic gynecologic services for women, from yearly examinations and screenings to extremely specialized procedures. General gynecologic problems dealt by a gynecologist include chronic pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, pelvic floor disorders, problems with pelvic support, loss of bladder control, and contraceptive counselling.